I’m just a girl, standing in front of my subscription box, wondering what’s inside… 

Because Australia is ripe with subscription boxes perfect for beauty addicts, and because we love making life easier, we've rounded up everything you could possibly want to know about the benefits of beauty subscription boxes (plus a few others).


So, let’s start with the basics, what is a subscription box? 

In simple terms, a subscription box is either a specific product or a collection of products that get shipped straight to your door on either a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Generally, you as the customer, determine how often you want to receive your box of goodies. 


What different types of subscription boxes are there?

There are all different and delightful subscription boxes available in Australia. 

From personalised fashion, coffee and pet supplies to meal kits, books, toys, toiletries, and of course, beauty boxes curated with the busy woman in mind.

If you're a budding female entrepreneur Aussie Biz Chic is a monthly subscription box designed to provide women in Australia with the tools and resources required to grow their businesses.

When it comes to self-care and making life easier, Make My Shave is a razor subscription for women. The subscription is designed to give Aussie ladies a more convenient, high-quality and sustainable shaving experience. 

womens razor subscription australia

Do many Australians join a subscription service?

Research from a survey by Zuora found that 78% of Australian adults have at least one subscription service. 

While subscriptions tend to include entertainment platforms such as Netflix, Stan and Spotify, modern consumerism means there are now all varieties of subscription boxes sought after in Australia. 

How do beauty subscription boxes work?

Beauty boxes come in the mail for a monthly, bi-monthly, or tri-monthly subscription fee.  

Deliveries can be auto-ship or curated depending on the company and the content options available. 

Why choose a beauty subscription box?

There are many reasons why Aussie females are choosing subscriptions over traditional shopping methods, especially when it comes to beauty boxes — I mean, who wouldn’t want fascinating new products and everyday essentials arriving on your doorstep?

If you're wondering if a subscription is right for you, here are 8 reasons why choosing a beauty box can be good for your well-being and your wallet: 

1. Everyday Essentials Delivered

Beauty and self-care are the subscription boxes coming in hot right now.

Getting your everyday essentials delivered means you never have to worry about running out of important products such as foundation, shampoo, body wash and razor heads.


Beauty subscription box for women

2. Time-Saving Convenience

With a beauty subscription box, you only have to shop once (yay!) 

Opting for automatic renewal means consistent replenishment of items when you choose. 

If you’ve ever realised too late that you’re on your last loo roll or that your razor’s blunt, you’ll appreciate these genuine life-saving benefits of your subscription.  

You never have the hassle of having to remember to add the basics to your supermarket shopping list, and this also eliminates the need to go shopping for specific items; so there's no commuting and sitting in traffic (double yay!) 

3. Good for Your Mind, Body & Soul 

It’s not just access to new and exciting products that make subscriptions so appealing. 

According to Women’sHealth Magazine, joining a subscription service is one way to cut back on the mental health load. Choosing a set-and-forget service, like a razor subscription for women can do your mind, body and soul some good! 

Best beauty box subscriptions australia


4. Money Saving 

Signing up for a beauty subscription box can save you money and give you access to higher-quality products. 

Make My Shave is an example of a premium women’s razor that costs much less than store-bought products. And because the handle and blades are superior to disposable women's razors, they’re likely to last far longer, which means fewer purchases. 

5. Customise For Your Lifestyle

Because of the flexibility around subscriptions, you can customise your products and deliveries to suit your lifestyle.  

Many subscription providers have ditched lock-in contracts in place of flexibility; allowing customers to pause, change their box as required, and cancel without penalty.

This is especially important for holidays or periods when you might just want a break from the service. 

6. Deeper Connection with Brands

When you sign-up for a beauty box subscription, you're not just purchasing a one-off product. If the brand is ticking all the boxes, you'll likely continue your subscription and the relationship; so it's important to find a company that has shared values and cares about what you care about. 


7. Better Customer Service 

If you choose to buy from a local or small business, you're likely to receive a more personalised level of customer care.

Because your business means so much to them, you'll be treated like a friend rather than a number. 

8. More Sustainable Living

Investing in a beauty subscription box isn’t just good for your well-being, it can also be better for the environment — so why not treat yourself to an eco-friendly beauty subscription box?

Here are a few of our favourite sustainable subscription boxes:

Junni is a period subscription box for Aussie women. They offer organic cotton tampons, pads and liners, delivered to your door. 

sustainable subscription boxes women australia

How We Roll provides 100% biodegradable and recycled toilet paper. 

Australian Natural Soap Company provides high-quality skincare, haircare and cleaning products made from Australian ingredients and essential oils. Products come packaged in biodegradable and compostable packaging made from plants. 

Make My Shave is Australia’s #1 razor subscription for women. This Aussie shave label provides a superior and more sustainable alternative to disposable razors. The razor handle is reusable, the blades are recyclable and all packaging is compostable. They even plant a tree in Australia with every order. 

If saving time, gaining the convenience of uninterrupted service, receiving quality products and cost savings — especially as the cost of living soars, appeals to you then switching to a beauty subscription box might be the best decision of 2022. 


Find out more about Make My Shave

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