If you're wondering, what is a merkin? Let us explain...

A merkin is a pubic wig that came into fashion around the 1450s. 

Why someone would want to fake a full bush, especially in today’s lady-scaped society might be a mystery for some, but pubic hair grooming has been a hot topic throughout history.

Sugaring, waxing, plucking, trimming, shaving, landing strips, bikini lines, full bush or no bush, pubic hair removal can be a complex and sometimes emotional decision.  

The merkin, which comes in all sizes, shapes and colours, was originally worn for hygienic rather than erotic or decorative purposes. 

The toupee for your nether region was donned by prostitutes, high society and porn stars. 

Some prostitutes even used the artificial covering to give their nether regions a bit of razzle-dazzle — well before the vajazzle!

These days, the fancy pubic hair piece can be part of the serious drag queen's wardrobe as well as a Hollywood accessory. 

A merkin can be found in scenes that require full frontal nudity, mainly so actors can maintain a level of modesty.

Kate Winslet famously wore one in “The Reader” and who can forget the iconic SATC scene starring Kim Cattrall's bright orange bush!

pubic hair grooming

Other famous merkin appearances include the Much Music Awards in 2011 when Lady Gaga wore a turquoise merkin to match her locks. 

What is a merkin?

In 2018, the merkin gave a show stopping appearance on the catwalk during New York Fashion Week.

What is a merkin?

So there you have it — at the end of the day, whether you're a fan the full bush, no bush, a light landing strip, mowed law or merkin, it’s totally up to you. Just like we celebrate all women, we celebrate all pubic hair preferences. 🙌 


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