About Make My Shave & Your Razor Subscription

What is Make My Shave?

Make My Shave™ is the Australian body care brand blending personal care with environmental responsibility.

Through skincare-inspired shave care, our razors and body care products transform an everyday routine into an exceptional experience.

What is included in the Shaving Starter Kit?

Your Starter Kit comes with a polished aluminium reusable razor handle and 2x 5-blade razor heads with an Aloe Vera & Vitamin E infused moisture cushion.

Sustainable inclusions include free carbon offset delivery throughout Australia, a 5% donation towards reforestation projects in Australia, recyclable packaging and access to our razor head recycling program. 

How does the razor subscription work?

Before purchasing your Starter Kit you're invited to create a customised shave plan.

This means that we will ship your Starter Kit first, then send you 4x new razor heads on the frequency you have chosen - every 1, 2 or 3 months.

By joining our hassle-free subscription service you get to experience a new era of convenience. Say goodbye to those inconvenient trips to the store, dull blades, and uncertainties about refill costs.

You will have your own account and an Australian-based customer support team to assist you. You can easily pause, change or cancel your subscription at any time.

Do I control my subscription?

For sure! You choose how often you’d like your new razor head refills delivered; every 1 month, 2 months or 3 months.

You can also take a break, change or cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account.

If you need any help updating your account or would like us to arrange a bespoke delivery schedule just for you, simply contact us at any time.

Where are products made?

Our Shave Cushion and Mini Soap are made locally in Australia. Our Loofah, Razor and Blades are of the highest quality and made in China.

Can I purchase the razor without a subscription?

Absolutely! you can purchase our Make My Shave razor as a one-off purchase with our Razor-Only option or with our Bundle Box.

Make My Shave is designed to give you the convenience of new razor heads delivered to your door. Subscribing also gives you access to greater savings AND makes life SO MUCH easier!

If you only want to purchase a single razor but still want to access savings, simply sign-up and then Pause your account.

If Make My Shave isn't for you, you can easily Cancel at any time.

There are no strings attached and our Australian-based customer support team is on hand for support.


How are my trees planted?

From 1 April 2023, Make My Shave partnered with House of 10,000 Petals Regeneration Trust for new tree planting projects.

The collaboration aims to support regenerative projects in Corndale, a subtropical area in Northern NSW. Make My Shave donates 5% of every razor subscription towards planting native trees and species.

Our donations are made every three months — we simply calculate the number of Starter Kits and Refill Kits that have been ordered and donate the funds directly to the Trust.

Our team are also on the ground to support tree planting days. We share updates with our community, showing you exactly what happens with the donated funds.

Why do we plant trees in Australia?

We are committed to helping rehabilitate ecosystems, starting with those on our doorstep. 

From 1 April 2023, our regeneration initiatives will help restore biodiversity in the subtropical area of Corndale in Northern NSW.

How do I recycle my used blades?

We provide a recycling option for used razor heads. Simply purchase our Pink Mailer and send your blades back whenever you're ready.

If you wish to send them back via your own means, you can do this by returning your used blades (caps on) to:

Make My Shave
Po Box 364, Miami,
Queensland, 4220

We'll do the rest!

What happens to used blades?

Once used blades are returned to us, they're put in our Zero Waste Box™ and then shipped to TerraCycle® Australia.
Everything collected through the Zero Waste Box™ system is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be reused instead of being sent to landfill.

Who is TerraCycle®?

TerraCycle® is a social enterprise and waste management expert. Their Zero Waste Box™ is a recycling solution for typically hard-to-recycle materials, which are then turned into new products. Through their recycling system, TerraCycle® has diverted millions of pounds of valuable resources from landfills all over the world.

Do you provide eco-friendly packaging?

Yes! We've designed clever sustainable packaging for all our products.

Our packaging can either be recycled or composted at home. We like to keep things simple and sustainable.

We use eco-friendly stickers and soy-based ink from NoIssue and avoid unnecessary printed promotions. ♻️

How do you offset your carbon footprint?

We offset the carbon used in delivering our products to our customers through Greenfleet Australia.

Your Razor and Shaving

Why does the reusable razor handle give the closest shave?

Our reusable razor handle is made of a rust-resistant zinc alloy. The non-slip rubber grip makes gliding over curves and creases easy, while the weighted ergonomic design gives just the right amount of pressure for a brilliantly close shave. 

What is the ingredients of the moisture cushion?

Our 360-degree moisture cushion is infused with a blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. The combination soothes the skin as the blades glide across your shave areas.

Ingredients list: Polyethylene glycol, Polystyrene, Styrene Ethylene B (styrene ethylene / butylene styrene), Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E

How many blades does the head have?

Each head has 5 super sharp stainless steel blades made in Sweden.

How often should I change my razor head?

Thankfully variety is the spice of life, and everyone is different. Not all women shave the same parts, and of course, hair can vary in texture, thickness, and growth speed. 

Our blades are designed for quality, which means they tend to last longer than average razor heads.

While we suggest changing your blades around 5-10 shaves, what’s actually important is how you feel.

You can always start with a bi-monthly subscription and if you decided that either one or three months would work better for you, simply update your account. If you'd prefer to have a bespoke delivery schedule, simply reach out to us directly and we'll arrange this for you.

How do I care for my razor and heads?

Taking good care of your razor and heads will ensure a sharper shave for longer. Rinse your women's razor thoroughly after each shave — the open-back design of the razor head makes it easy to clean. Keep your razor out of water when not in use. It’s also better to keep your razor head upright so that it's not lying facedown on a surface. 

The Make My Shave razor holder can help extend the life of your blades. The stainless steel design means you can hang it exactly where you want it. 

Can men use the Make My Shave razor?

While Make My Shave is created for women, men can absolutely enjoy the razor too. The Superlube head smooths legs, arms, face, and private areas including pubes, butts, and balls. 

Do I still need to use shaving gel?

Once wet, the razor head provides a gorgeous gooey lubrication. You may find this lube gives enough protection for a smooth, bump-free shave. But remember, everyone’s skin is different, so you may prefer to use your razor with a gel, oil, soap, or foam. 

For a truly dreamy smooth shave, we recommend trying our Shave Cushion.

Does the razor work on pubic areas?

If you’re thinking about a razor for pubic hair, our razor works great on desired areas. The comfort grip handle is easy to hold and gets to hard-to-reach places while the cushioning around the blades is kind to delicate spots. 

For great tips on shaving pubic hair, check out our Earth & Body Blog.

How does the lifetime handle warranty work?

At Make My Shave, we're confident that your razor and dermaplaner will be your lifelong shaving companions. That's why we proudly introduce our 'Lifetime Handle Warranty'. When you subscribe to Make My Shave, you automatically activate your Lifetime Handle Warranty with us.

What's Covered:
We've got you covered when it comes to faulty elements. If you experience issues with clips, buttons, or grips, we'll replace them for you hassle-free.

What's Not Covered:
Please note that the Lifetime Handle Warranty does not cover a lost or misplaced razor handle. Additionally, any damage caused by neglect, such as accidentally dropping the handle from a height, is not covered by this warranty.

How to Request a Handle Replacement:
If you encounter any issues covered by our Lifetime Handle Warranty and wish to apply for a new handle, simply send a description and photo of your handle to, and we'll assist you with an immediate replacement. Please note that a colour change cannot be offered.

We're committed to ensuring your shaving experience is always exceptional.

Orders & Shipping

How long will my order to arrive?

Delivery - Australian Based Customers

Your order should arrive between 5 - 15 business days depending on where you are in Australia, and current postal and weather conditions.

We are unable to provide a tracking number for deliveries in order for us to provide free postage and keep pricing affordable.

If you are in a hurry and would like tracking, please choose Express Shipping at checkout.

If you require any clarity around shipping, please feel free to contact us at any time.

When will my Refill Kit arrive?

If you have a razor subscription, your Refill Razor Kit delivery will depend on your sign-up date and frequency preference. 

For example, if you ordered on 4 June and requested a 2-month subscription, your refill kit will be shipped on 4 August.

Please remember to allow up to 15 business days for delivery.

Can I change my delivery address after ordering?

As we are currently unable to offer a redirect service, we kindly request that you double-check your delivery address when placing an order. Please note that we cannot change the delivery address after your order has been fulfilled and are unable to provide a replacement product due to an incorrect address given at the time of ordering.

For Refills: If you'd like to update your delivery address before the shipping of your Refill Kit, you can conveniently do so directly through your account or by reaching out to us directly. We're here to assist you with any changes you need.

What do I do if there is a problem with my delivery?

If your razor hasn’t arrived or has been damaged in transit, please let us know immediately so we can resolve the issue.

Contact us via our online form or email: 

Do you only deliver to Australia?

At this time we only ship to Australia — but watch this space!

Due to postal restrictions, please note that we cannot provide delivery to Parcel Lockers.

If you are interested in Make My Shave being delivered in your area, please contact us and let us know.

How do I apply for the 30-day money-back guarantee?

Australian-Based Customers:

While we’re confident that you’ll love your Make My Shave, if you don’t feel our razor is right for you, we’re happy to issue a full refund within 30-days of purchasing your Starter Kit or Metal Dermaplaner.

Simply contact us via email at and we will make the refund arrangements.

Full details can be found here here

Please note that our money-back guarantee is only available on our Starter Kit and Metal Dermaplaner and excludes all other products including extra blades, refill kits, razor holders and bundle boxes.

International Customers:

Please note that we do not offer a refund or guarantee for customers outside of Australia.

Managing Your Account

How do I change my delivery dates?

If you would like to choose a specific date, you can do this from your account.

If you would like to change your delivery frequency - to either 1, 2 or 3 months or a customised frequency, simply contact us at and we will happily personalise your account to your preferred schedule.

How do I set up a password?

If you'd like to add a password to your account for easy access in the future, simply follow the steps below:

1. Visit:

2. Add your details and click Create Account

3. Enter the same email address that you used at checkout

If you require further assistance, please contact us at any time.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We make cancelling your account super simple! Just log into your account and hit the Cancel button.

If you'd prefer for us to do this for you, simply contact our Australian-based shave support team and we will do this for you.

If you're on the fence about cancelling, then just hit Pause instead.

There are no penalties or lock-in contracts. Make My Shave is designed to make your life simpler. Period.