Dermaplaning Review

BeautyCrew Dermaplaning Review

Make My Shave's at-home dermaplaner is making headlines—this time with Australia's favourite BeautyCrew. Writer Emma Allcock shared her dermaplaning review, leaving her skin 'soft like a baby's butt'.
Best Eco Friendly Dermaplaning Razor

Broadsheet Australia | Best Eco Friendly Dermaplaning Razor

Last year, Make My Shave was honoured to be selected as Broadsheet's favourite women's razor. This year, our eco-friendly dermaplaning razor is the sustainable choice.
‘Don’t get Botox, just shave your eyebrows’ - The latest TikTok Trend

‘Don’t get Botox, just shave your eyebrows’ - The latest TikTok Trend

Don’t get Botox, just shave your eyebrows. The latest TikTok trend is erasing them off your face. El Pais shares the goss and provides a guide on how to shave your eyebrows safely, brought to you by Make My Shave, Australia.
January 08, 2024 — Lindsay & Mike
Buy Make My Shave by Onya Magazine Australia

Onya Magazine Australia - Vegan Razor

"Make My Shave is not just shaving; they’re pioneering a movement where ethics, authenticity, and innovation come together to redefine beauty and care. Their products are a breeze to use, better than any razor I’ve used. Five stars." - Sandi Sieger, Onya Magazine
November 30, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
Sitchu: New in Beauty - Behold the future of shaving

Sitchu: New in Beauty - Behold the future of shaving

New in Beauty: Sitchu spots the best new products and trending beauty buys worth adding to your cart this month. Behold the future of shaving, meet Make My Shave.
October 14, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
Instyle - Beauty News

Instyle - Beauty News

Your favourite Aussie razor is making waves in the beauty world! Make My Shave has been featured in the prestigious Beauty News section of this month's INSTYLE.
September 11, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
best women's razor subscription

Best treatments to tone, smooth, and hydrate

Make My Shave is the Australian company striving to make sustainable shaving the norm. With this women's razor subscription, you are never without a box-fresh razor.
best women's razor Australia

Eco-Friendly Swaps for Your Bathroom

If you're on the lookout for Australian-owned products that make ditching plastics and harmful chemicals easier in 2023, check out Broadsheet Media's favourite swaps featuring Make My Shave.
January 31, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
Sustainable Brands Conscious Gift Guide

Sustainable Brands: Conscious Gifts featuring Make My Shave

The Sustainable Brands gift guide encourages a more conscious approach to gift-giving by highlighting products, services and experiences that create value and benefits beyond short-term gratification for the recipient. 

This year, Make My Shave was featured as one of their top waste-free personal care products. 

Eco & Sustainability - Best in Body Award 2022

Eco & Sustainability - Best in Body Award 2022

Sustainability startup Make My Shave won ‘Eco & Sustainability - Best in Body’ at the first-ever SHE-com Awards on Thursday 13 October.

October 15, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike
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From a Postponed Wedding to Saving the Planet

From a Postponed Wedding to Saving the Planet

Honey sat down with Mike and Lindsay to chat about love, Bali, COVID, and how their postponed wedding led to the launch of Make My Shave.
August 31, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike
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Best Beauty Subscription for Women, Australia

Best Beauty Subscription for Women

To cut back on the metal load, a set-and-forget women's razor subscription like Make My Shave can be literally life-changing according to Women'sHealth Magazine. Recognised as the razor subscription tackling stubble and sustainability, the Make My Shave Starter Kit costs just $21.99.