If you're interested in the hairless body vibe, our How to Shave blog provides everything you need to know about positive body hair removal. 

As a women’s razor subscription based in Australia, one of the big questions we often get asked is: How to shave? So, although shaving isn’t exactly complicated, we thought we’d share a few tips for those of you looking for guidance on body hair removal.

Before jumping in, we also thought this would be a good time to mention that shaving is a personal preference.

Not every woman shaves or wants to remove body hair, and quite honestly, we love that. We’re a body positive business helping to grow trees and support our planet. This means we believe body hair is normal, hair removal is subjective, and choice is what’s really important. 

If you are interested in the hairless body vibe - then this How to Shave? blog is for you. 

First things first: 


What razor should I use?

There are plenty of shaving options out there - cartridge razors, safety razors, disposable razors... 

Naturally, we recommend avoiding plastic disposable razors. Their short-use throwaway nature alongside the typically plastic packaging makes plastic disposable razors among one of the worst household items for hurting the planet. This is a big ‘no no’ from us. 

On the other end of the scale, one of the best eco-friendly razors is a reusable metal safety razor like Leaf Shave. 

If the idea of a safety razor isn’t for you, then Make My Shave is a great alternative. 


Make My Shave is a women’s razor subscription that bridges the gap between disposable razors and safety razors. With our cartridge razor, you have all the benefits of a safe and easy 5-blade shave, plus a stunning razor handle and a more sustainable way to shave.  

Once you have chosen your razor, you may be thinking: 


Make My Shave women's razor


How often should I shave?

Body hair can grow at different speeds, lengths and thickness, so there’s no right answer — only what’s right for you. 

Some women like to let their hair grow out before they shave again, others like to trim daily. So you might shave every day or less than once a week; your decision to shave may also depend on how you feel.

Changing your blade regularly can also influence the results of your shave. 


How often should I change my blade?

The need to change your blade regularly can depend on your choice in razor.
With Make My Shave, our blades have a super-lube strip around 5 stainless steel blades. The vegan aloe strip is soft on the skin and works as a great indicator for when it’s time to change your blade.
When the lube dries, it’s likely time to switch things up. This is usually around 2-weeks but again, it could be longer or shorter depending on how often you use it. 
It's really important to change your blades when your razor becomes dull. A dull blade will mean re-shaving the same spot more than once, and more passes, the greater chance of irritation or ingrown hairs. 

Caring for your blades can also extend their life.

When not in use, keep your women’s razor out of water. Store your razor in a cupboard or dry area. If you like to keep it near the shower for convenience then a razor holder will change your life!   

Make My Shave women's razor and razor holder

It’s natural for the blades to gather hair debris, so rinse the cartridge front and back, during and after your shave. All you need is warm water. 

Should I use shave gel?

When it comes to additional shaving products, factors to consider are skin type, time and preference. 

You can use a foam, gel, oil, body wash, soap, hair conditioner, body lotion or depending on your razor head, nothing at all. 

Make My Shave’s super-lube strip means that you don’t always need to use additional shaving products, which is great if you’re in a hurry!

If you prefer to lather the area in a shaving cream or skin lubricant first, this can soften the hair and open up your hair follicles for a closer shave. 

However you choose to shave, always shave with water. Dry shaving can be seriously uncomfortable, cause your razor to glide unevenly and increase the risk of irritation.

Should I exfoliate before or after shaving?

If you’re wondering if you should exfoliate before or after shaving, the answer is before. 

Exfoliation with loofahs and/or scrubs prior to shaving removes dirt and dead skin. It also ensures the hair follicle is in the best condition for hair removal. 

While exfoliation can help achieve a closer shave, it can be time consuming so you may not feel it’s necessary to do this every time you shave. 

Should I moisturise after shaving?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

When you shave your legs (and other areas), you’re removing a layer of skin, so moisturising after shaving puts the love back into your skin. Moisturising leaves your skin hydrated, soft and feeling gorgeously smooth. 

How to shave? female body hair removal  


Any last tips on how to shave?

We find that taking your time can work wonders. If you’re looking for silky smooth skin, less speed works best. Don’t rush over areas; your skin is beautiful so if you can, take your time.



Have you joined Make My Shave women’s razor subscription? 

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November 22, 2021 — Lindsay & Mike

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