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The smoothest shave of all time

Make My Shave isn't just a razor; it's a curated shave experience that will change the way you feel about shaving.

Our curve-kind metallic handle pairs effortlessly with 5 super-sharp razor blades and a moisturising cushion loaded with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Our razor's VIP features help reduce redness, irritation and leave your skin soft, smooth and glowy from every angle.

And because the only surprises we like are the good ones, there are no extra charges at checkout — just FREE delivery, Australia-wide.

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Want to make life even smoother? We're not just about fuzz-free, fabulous shaves; we're serious about making your life easier, which is why our razor doubles as a life-saving subscription service too! 👏

Our flexible subscription transforms shaving into a luxe self-care experience. You receive your own account, fresh razor blades delivered on your schedule and zero fuss! You can pause, skip a delivery or cancel any time.

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What's Included

Your new shave ritual includes:

1 x Metallic razor handle
2 x 5-blade razor heads with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E moisture cushion
30-day money-back guarantee
Lifetime warranty for your razor handle
FREE delivery Australia-wide

Get ready to slay your shave and grant your bathroom and body care routine the upgrade it truly deserves.

Curve-loving razor handle - crafted from durable zinc alloy with a sleek mirror finish

Five super-sharp blades - strategically spaced for an impeccably close, smooth shave

Open back design - for easy cleaning, ensuring a hygienic and hassle-free razor maintenance process

Non-slip rubber grip - giving you total control and confidence in all shave areas – legs, underarms, bikini lines, and booty

360-degree Aloe Vera & Vitamin E moisture cushion - ensuring a soothing and moisturising shaving experience

Quick-change blade technology - effortlessly replace blades for a consistently sharp and effective shave

Ergonomic design - perfectly weighted for balance and comfort, enhancing your overall shaving experience

Thoughtful packaging - eco-friendly and minimalistic, reflecting our commitment to sustainability

30-day money back guarantee – if you’re not happy with your razor, we will give you a full refund

Handle Lifetime Warranty – Your handle is so durable it even comes with a lifetime guarantee

FREE Shipping

We aim to ship your razor within 24 hours of receiving your order. Shipping is FREE and carbon offset (obvs!) and always on us.

Express Shipping is an option if you're in a hurry!

Subscribe & Save Up to 33%

Our razor subscription makes your life & legs smoother, always.

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Such a quality razor & the mail delivery is super convenient
— Super happy with Make My Shave! I’ve tried several other by-mail razor companies, and Make My Shave’s razor and blades are by far my fave. The razor handle has nice heft to it and is gender-neutral in appearance, and the blades are sharp and smooth, giving a great shave every time. I’m happy to have found such a quality razor, and the mail delivery is super convenient, too!
This is honestly the best women's razor I’ve ever used!!
— It always leaves my legs feeling silky smooth every time I use it. I love the eco friendly packaging and the fact that they recycle all the used razor heads… AND for every new or refill you order, they will plant a tree! — Hannah, Perth
Best shave EVER!
— I couldn’t be more happy with my new razor. It honestly gives the most dreamy, silky smooth shave I’ve ever experienced and I absolutely love that it’s eco friendly. Definitely five stars from me! — Hayley, Queensland
Literally made my shave!
— A sleek looking little razor that gave me a close and comfortable shave that left me silky smooth. And it’s kind on the planet 🌱 Can’t recommend highly enough! — Jasmin, Gold Coast
I love using this razor!
— It’s so gentle on my skin, leaving it feeling the softest it’s ever felt! 100% recommend! — Britney, Sydney
The BEST Shave EVER!
— A no-brainer, genius idea! I love my Make My Shave razor, they have really thought of everything... a beautiful design, 5 blades with plenty of moisturizer, and even a holder for the shower. It's the best, smoothest shave and leaves my skin super soft too. And... of course the best part is that it's so easy to order refill blades and not have plastic waste. It's such a great idea, and I would definitely buy it as a gift for my girlfriends. Thanks MMS team!! - Elissa, Melbourne
A clean and close shave every time
— My razor ensures a silky feel with its self-moisturised and easily replaceable head. I love that the brand also contributes to a more sustainable future. Thanks Make My Shave! — Jacinta, Melbourne
Absolutely loving my Make My Shave!
— No need to use soap as the head of the razor becomes lubricated when wet. This saves time, mess and effort! A really nice close shave with silky smooth legs as a result. Really happy to have found a women’s razor that’s kind to the environment 💕 — Liana, Queensland
Love it! Best shave I’ve had in years!
— The razor head feels super safe, like it will be hard to cut myself and the handle is comfortable. Also good on more delicate areas 🙊. Very comfortable and again, I didn’t worry about cutting myself. I’m someone who has been using the same razor for over 10 years. Now I'm switching, Make My Shave is awesome! — Lou, Brisbane
The design is sleek and feminine
— I used to use my husband’s shaver as I felt it gave a better result than the women designed shavers. I am now converted to using Make My Shave razors. The design is sleek and feminine, the shave leaves a satisfying result. No need to use shower cream or soap, it’s so convenient. I also admire how it’s sustainable, their mission is inspirational.  — Joyce, Burleigh Heads
A fabulous idea to help save our planet
— Thank you Lindsay and Mike ... a fabulous idea to help save our planet and a great product too. The razor is excellent quality, blades very gentle. I'm loving being part of your business venture 🙂 — Kathryn, Queensland
So smooth my skin feels like butter!
— The best shave ever... so smooth my skin feels like butter! — Jessica, Queensland
Highly recommend Make My Shave!
— Trying to make more sustainable life choices and this is definitely up there as one of my favs! Subscription based which definitely works for my lifestyle, plus I love the idea of supporting a new passionate business. — Robyn, Mermaid
Meg, Australia
— Love, love, love my new razor! Thanks so much Lindsay and Mike. Will be recommending to all of my friends and family. Smoothest most satisfying shave, not to mention the incredible contribution being made to the planet 🌏👏
Hands down the best razor I've ever used 🙌
— I am obsessed with shaving now, when I used to dread it! The added benefit of this product being sustainable makes it even better. Such a beautiful close shave, and the handle is perfect to hold. You have a life long user in me. — Christine, Burleigh Heads
Fab fab fab!
— Speedy delivery, no waiting for the postman as it fits into letterbox, ALL sustainable packaging too. Smooth shave leaving my legs feeling great. Thanks guys for designing something I didn't know how much I needed! :) — Astrella, Queensland
10 x better than shop bought razors
— Epic. Razors are awesome, easy to subscribe and packaging is all eco friendly! I never have to worry about buying them or running out of them again because they come every month straight to my door. They are 10 times better than the ones I got from the shops. Ships and arrives quickly, what more could you want? I’m definitely sharing this with everyone I know. — Dayna, NSW
I can honestly say, I am BEYOND impressed with how close the shave was!
— The gel around the outside of the razor was so smooth and glided effortlessly over all the fiddly places that I would usually nick myself. Absolutely thrilled that you are closing the loop with having razor blades that can be recycled too. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I will recommend you to all of my gal pals that’s for sure. 🎉🥰 — Hollie, Victoria
Best women's razor subscription australia
5-Star Razor Review ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

"I can't recommend Make My Shave enough! 

My legs felt the smoothest they've ever felt after I used this!!!! And the price is great too." — Skye, Queensland

How to Get Really Smooth Legs - And Other Areas!

As Australia's multi-award-winning female razor, we know shaving.

If you're searching for the best razor for shaving legs, look no further! This 3-step ritual adds extra self-care and silky-smoothness to your shave routine:

Step one: Team up with the Body Buff Duo. This body exfoliation set kicks dead skin to the curb and preps your skin for the shave of your life.

Step two: Enter the Shave Cushion. Armed with the power of nourishing avocado and eucalyptus oils, this body care essential soothes while whipping up a velvety magic carpet for your razor. 🥑

Step three: Wet the moisture cushion of your Make My Shave razor. Pull that skin taut and ditch dramatic strokes for slower, shorter moves. This special routine provides a closer, smoother shave with less irritation, and results that leave you fuzz-free and fabulous.