best women's razor subscription

Best treatments to tone, smooth, and hydrate

Make My Shave is the Australian company striving to make sustainable shaving the norm. With this women's razor subscription, you are never without a box-fresh razor.
Best Beauty Subscription for Women, Australia

Best Beauty Subscription for Women

To cut back on the metal load, a set-and-forget women's razor subscription like Make My Shave can be literally life-changing according to Women'sHealth Magazine. Recognised as the razor subscription tackling stubble and sustainability, the Make My Shave Starter Kit costs just $21.99.
Best female razor, Australia Make My Shave

Guide to embracing the bush by Fashion Journal

Pubic hair is normal and how you tend to your personal space is up to you! Fashion Journal asks Make My Shave for expert advice on embracing the full bush as well as shaving down there.

July 01, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike