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January 2024

 First things First

Before we dive into some rather exciting news, we wanted to first talk about the elephant in the room; Packaging.

If we’re being completely honest (the way we like to be), we’re going to just say that packaging has been a huge challenge recently.

Last year, a few of you reached out personally to let us know that you had received a damaged blade, an issue that had occurred during transit. 

After further investigation, we learned that changes to the sorting machinery used by our distribution provider was the pesky culprit!!

Jumping into action, we began the monumental task of redeveloping our packaging.

Our mission: to make our packaging more robust, ensuring it's able to stand up to the new demands of distribution — PLUS do all the things we still need it to!

Finally, we are thrilled to share that after months of hard work behind the scenes, a few wines and a few tears, our brand-new packaging is currently in production and will be coming soon! 

While our packaging may appear simple, it really is a design marvel.

It remains plastic-free, it's still home-compostable, maintains a low carbon footprint, is made in Australia, and still enables us to provide FREE postage for your razor and refills. 🎉

New packaging coming soon 

We want to say a massive thank you for your patience and understanding while we went to work on this unexpected upgrade. Our goal is to always provide a flawless experience and we're truly sorry if you've been impacted by the distribution issue. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think of our new design!!

On that note… 

Talk to us! 

We love hearing your feedback. To the point where it’s the favourite part of our business.

When you reach out to us to share your shave stories and positive feedback, it genuinely makes our day. 

Even hearing from you about the things that don’t quite go smoothly, allows us to jump into gear and improve immediately. 

As a small business in a big busy world, we strive to ensure you’re 100% happy with Make My Shave and always be the brand that delivers on our promises. 

To us, this means products that you love, a service that you trust, and above all, doing more good for our planet. 

With this in mind, we thought there was no better time to invite you to share with us more details about your Make My Shave experience. 

We’d truly value it if you could take a minute to share your experience by taking the quick survey below:






On 1 February, we’re upping the shaving game even further with the launch of our (drum roll please) fabulous new 100% plastic-free Metal Dermaplaner! 

If you’re like us and are a big fan of whisking away those pesky facial hairs, then this little gem is for you.

We know that there are plenty of dermaplaning tools out there, but we also know how much plastic they produce. Yikes!

Even the majority of “biodegradable” wheat straw dermaplaning tools are not genuinely biodegradable.

In our research long ago, we discovered that wheat straw is great for cutlery and containers, but not so much for grooming tools like razors.

To meet the necessary standards of durability and safety required for shavers, wheat straw-based dermaplaning products typically incorporate a blend of either polypropylene plastic or an alternative like PLA.

Here's the catch: Due to the blended materials, these so-called "biodegradable" dermaplaning tools are not suitable for home composting and cannot be recycled in curbside bins.

These products only break down safely in industrial compost facilities equipped with specialised machinery.

As a result, these supposedly eco-friendly products often find their way to landfills, where they undergo a decomposition process similar to conventional plastic, taking centuries to break down and eventually contributing to microplastic pollution.

This knowledge inspired us to develop a facial razor that is fully reusable, long-lasting and 100% plastic-free. 

Enter our Metal Dermaplaner.

Available in Chrome Silver - to perfectly match your Make My Shave razor and in stunning Rose Gold.

Our new range of facial razors will be available to the public from 1 February, but as a member of the Make My Shave Community, keep an eye on your inbox for your early-release offer. 😉

 Metal dermaplane 

Even More Positive News 

Sometimes we get a bit ‘meh’ hearing all the doom and gloom stories of the day. So in this newsletter, we thought it would be a good excuse to share some GOOD news stories to set us up for a bright start to 2024.


Single-Use Plastics ban comes into force in England: 

As of 1 October 2023, the Environmental Protection (Plastic Plates, etc., and Polystyrene Containers, etc.; England) Regulations 2023 will take effect, forbidding the supply of specific single-use plastic and polystyrene items in business transactions, both online and in-store.

This ban encompasses items like plastic plates, bowls, trays, cutlery, balloon sticks, as well as single-use polystyrene food and drink containers.

While campaigners have said that this ban leaves out many other polluting items, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. 

The ‘extinct’ earless dragon has been spotted after going missing for 50 years

A tiny earless dragon which experts thought was extinct has been spotted for the first time in over 50 years.

The Victorian grassland earless dragon - native to east Australian grasslands - was last spotted in the wild in 1969.

Conservationists feared for the animal’s survival and previously made “considerable but unsuccessful efforts” to locate the species. Now, they’ve discovered a small population.

earless dragon

Paris Olympics to give waste a second life with recycled plastic chairs

Spectators at the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will sit on chairs made of plastic recycled from local bins.

As well as combating a shortage of raw materials for plastic, the initiative is part of wider efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of the Olympic Games.

The games plan to use around 11,000 seats made from recycled materials and 80% of the 100-plus tons of recycled plastic will come from the yellow bins located in Seine-Saints-Denis.

Planting trees genuinely makes an impact 

The significance of tree planting in the battle against climate change is firmly supported by extensive research.

Trees, beyond their prowess in capturing and storing carbon, serve as vital habitats for a diverse range of wildlife, including our cherished and endangered koalas.

Embracing tree planting represents a holistic strategy for confronting the challenges posed by a warming climate. Trees stand as nature's frontline defenders, actively countering the effects of rising temperatures.

The beauty of tree planting also lies in its immediacy – it's happening right now, and just by having a Make My Shave subscription, you are actively helping to plant trees right here in Australia. 


tree planting


We look forward to sharing more progress updates and impact reports over the coming year!


Stay smooth & fabulous
Lindsay & Mike xo  

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