With 2022 being a year when family, friendships and our planet have never been so important, there’s no better time to shop and gift more meaningfully.


We all know that finding the best Christmas gifts can feel a little overwhelming. So, to help you pick a gift she’ll actually LOVE, we’ve created top tips for good gift-giving.

1. Think Practical
2. Gift Sustainably
3. Fix Problems
4. Donate Money or Time

1. Think Practical

When it comes to choosing the best Christmas gifts, isn’t it better to give (and receive) gifts you can actually use, especially if they can improve your life and make it go more smoothly?

The other major benefit of giving practical gifts for Christmas means less waste in the world.

According to recent reports, “90% of Australian households have unwanted or unused items, 80% of household plastics and textiles end up in landfill and $80 billion in fashion purchases end up in landfill each year.”

So, what is a practical present?

A practical gift is usually something that doesn’t add clutter, won’t end up in landfill and is more than just decoration.

It can be useful for work, leisure or at home.

The gift can serve a purpose, it could be something the recipient wouldn’t necessarily purchase for themselves and is more likely to be appreciated at a deeper level.

Steer away from gadgets and look for items or activities that are helpful. If you’re not sure what to give, just ask.

Our Practical Present Pick: 

This Australian sand-free beach towel by Breathing Travel is one of our favourite practical travel accessories. 

This stylish towel is light, durable, sand-resistant, absorbent, and made from innovative recycled fabric.  


Sustainable gifts Australia

2. Gift Sustainably

This year, you’ll find sustainable gifts at the top of the list.

Sustainable gifts make the best Christmas presents because they’re about much more than just buying items for the sake of giving ‘something.’

Sustainable gifting is being more conscious about how our purchase and consumption habits affect the health of the planet.

If you’re searching for more sustainable gifts, shop from brands that have a genuine purpose and prioritise sustainability. 

Look out for ethical sourcing, eco-friendly materials, plastic-free packaging, recycled products, transparency in the supply chain, local brands or zero-waste options. 

Thankfully, shopping responsibly and supporting brands that care about their impact is becoming easier than ever. For inspiration, check out our list of 17 eco-friendly gifts for Christmas.

In addition to the gift itself, review your choice of cards, wrapping paper and sellotape to find more eco-friendly options. 

Whether it’s an item to make daily life easier or a planet-kind personal care product, sustainable presents make the best Christmas gifts.

Our sustainable gift pick: 

This self-care gift box by Make My Shave makes an ideal sustainable gift for women, girls & EVERY body.

Thoughtfully curated, the box contains everything you need for the smoothest skin EVER!

Inside you'll find Make My Shave's award-winning women's razor, an eco-travel bag, stainless steel razor holder and an Egyptian natural loofah.

Because Make My Shave is dedicated to women and the planet, the kit comes with plenty of sustainable essentials including razor head recycling, one tree planted, carbon offset delivery and 100% compostable packaging.

And the other best part?

It adds a little festive sparkle to your bathroom.

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for Her


3. Fix Problems

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone came along and gave the garden a well-needed manicure, fixed the leaking tap or spring-cleaned your house?

Problem-solving presents helps people with everyday tasks and avoids money being spent on unwanted and unnecessary products. This style of gifting is also more likely to be met with genuine appreciation.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a gift that could potentially fix annoyances or make life better?


4. Donate Money or Time

When it comes to Christmas, it’s easy to get caught up in the festivities and forget that it’s also a time to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Rather than just receiving or giving more stuff, giving back at Christmas is becoming more popular than ever with Charity donations being a great way to provide a gift that’s literally life-changing.

Adopting a Koala, donating to a children’s charity or planting trees are meaningful ways to give.

Donating money to charity isn’t the only way you can give back either. Donating time or skills through volunteering in soup kitchens, hospitals or fundraising can make a huge difference.

Our top charity pick: 

If you want to give a gift that makes a difference this Christmas, adopting a koala makes a memorable and meaningful gift to the giver, receiver and the planet.

Every adoption through Koala Hospital, Port Macquarie supports the rescue, treatment and rehabilitation of sick and injured koalas, as well as the conservation and research of the species.

Australian Gifts for Her

 Want to share your gifting top tip? leave us a comment below. 

December 02, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike

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