Sadly, pink tax is a real thing in Australia! 

Take a stroll down the supermarket aisles, and you'll quickly notice that products marketed to women and mothers tend to have a higher price tag compared to products aimed at men.

 This often not-so-little markup is commonly know as ‘pink tax’.

Pink tax is essentially gender-based pricing. It’s a premium baked into products intended for women, even if they're essentially the same as the male version.

The pink tax is named after the colour that manufacturers tend to use for products targeted at women. And just like pink tax, 'shrink tax' is also identified as a way for companies to charge women more if there is a slight adjustment to a product, such as a smaller handle on a razor.

According to News Australia, on average Australian women pay approximately $1,300 extra each year for essentially identical products as men.

Think personal care, clothing and grooming products like shampoo, body wash and razors, plus vitamins, jeans, and even dry cleaning — these are products used regularly, yet women are being charged more for no justifiable reason.

Research conducted by AMP, which analysed the prices of a range of common products sold by popular Australian supermarkets and other retailers, found that women pay MUCH MORE for everyday products, including the essentials. 

The results showed that women pay an average 16% more for body wash compared to similar products targeted at men, 12% more for underwear, 11% more for shampoo, 9% more for multivitamins; and 5% more for jeans.

Even the contraceptive pill costs more than condoms! 

Razors Pink Tax Australia 


Is there pink tax on razors? 

The AMP findings were striking, revealing that women, on average, paid a staggering 29% more for razors. It's a glaring example of how some body care brands impose an unjustifiable premium on shaving products just because they're targeted at women.

This very gender discrimination was a catalyst for the creation of Make My Shave, an Australian body care brand with a mission to rewrite the story of female shave care.

"I was consistently frustrated with the detrimental environmental impact of single-use plastic razors, not to mention the higher price I had to pay for essentially the same product just because it was pink!" explains Lindsay, Co-Founder of Make My Shave.

In response to the pervasive pink tax and green tax, Make My Shave is committed to providing a women's razor that provides a luxury shaving experience without the markup.

"Our aim is to be the embodiment of fairness, quality, and convenience when it comes to personal care products for women.

As a female-first body care brand, we offer all the convenience you'd expect from a high-performance razor and shaving subscription.
But we go beyond that – our women's razor is designed to be considerate of a woman's body and beauty routine, all while reducing your environmental impact."

In essence, Make My Shave stands as a one-of-a-kind Australian body care brand that provides women with a premium shaving experience without the added cost of the pink tax, all while contributing to a better world.

The Make My Shave Starter Kit starts from as little $25 including one razor handle and two blades, plus free delivery, Australia wide. 

No pink tax Australia

Discover flawlessly smooth skin, without the markup


What can women do to minimise pink tax?

It’s easy to notice and call out the pink tax when products are sitting side by side and the price discrepancy is obvious. However, when products specific to gender are in different sections of the supermarket, it is far harder to determine if you’re paying more. 

Here are 3 ways Aussie women can use their spending power to reduce pink tax: 

1. Check the cost per unit price

If you’re browsing the supermarket shelves, check out the unit prices available at most stores including Coles, Woolworths and larger pharmacies. This can help compare apples with apples when it comes to pricing products, but watch out for sneaky gender pricing — such as pricing appearing cheaper but actually containing less volume, grams etc.

2. Shop around 

Regardless of what your local supermarket decides to charge, as a consumer, you have a voice and a choice. You have the ability to buy (or not buy) whatever you want. Don’t settle for paying more for products you shouldn't have to. 

If you notice that the name-brand products cost more, choose the generic version. Can you shop online or locally instead? 

3. Switch to Make My Shave 

While some sites may tell you to shop for male products instead, we don’t think women should have to compromise, EVER! Especially not on everyday products such as razors.  


In a market that’s under-served and over-charged, Make My Shave gets rid of cliché colours and pink tax. Instead, this homegrown brand focus on a women’s razor that’s 100% committed to the needs of women, all while being kind to your purse and planet. 


Make My Shave women's razor subscription




June 28, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike

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