What are the benefits of shaving your legs?

The benefits of shaving your legs include smoother skin, exfoliation, and the removal of unwanted hair. Shaving also allows for better absorption of moisturisers and other skincare products. However, it's important to use proper techniques and products to avoid irritation or injury.

In this post, we deep dive into the topic of how to shave and provide the best shaving tips for a girls first shave. You'll be left feeling confident about the topic of shaving and how to help her achieve an effortless and pain-free first shave experience. 

Because the decision for a girl to shave is a big deal, she may be feeling apprehensive about body hair removal or fearful about cuts, irritation or razor burn — and she's not alone.

She's also likely to feel self-conscious and have a lot of questions about how to shave the right way, how to avoid cuts, when should she change her razor head, what shaving starter kit is best for her skin, and which areas to shave if she chooses to. 

To help a girls first shave process go smoothly, we've created the best shaving hacks of all time! And by hacks, we mean only the good ones.


17 essential shaving tips for a girls first shave:

  1. Start the body hair conversation
  2. Discuss the benefits of sustainable shaving 
  3. Pick the best female razor
  4. Avoid dry shaving
  5. Shave the best for last 
  6. Combine shower activities 
  7. Exfoliate first
  8. Try DIY body scrub
  9. Lubricate the skin with a sustainable shave bar
  10. Less is more 
  11. Experiment with shave direction
  12. Apply firm but fair pressure
  13. Keep blades clean between strokes
  14. Rinse the shaver 
  15. A dry razor is a happy razor
  16. Finish with a good moisturiser
  17. Replace the razor head when it gets dull


    1. Start the body care conversation

    Your daughter might have come to you and asked, "can you teach me how to shave?" or maybe you've noticed visible changes to her body and feel it's time to start the body care conversation.

    Whether you're a parent, sibling or guardian, there's no better way to support her shave journey than by talking through her body care choices and letting her know that shaving is a personal decision. No woman or young girl should ever feel pressured to remove body hair. 

    Body hair on your legs, underarms, face and everywhere else is totally normal. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with deciding to let hair grow naturally. 

    Shaving tips for a girls first shave 

    Whether facial hair growth, hair colour or hair removal is her vibe — it's essential she knows that it's her body, her choice!

    girls first shave tips


    2. Discuss sustainable shaving 

    Before jumping into the best female razor for a girls first shave, it's important to understand and discuss the environmental impact of shaving.   

    While you might be tempted to support her first shave with an off-the-shelf, plastic disposable razor from the supermarket, read on and consider if there is a more sustainable razor option available. 

    Think of plastic razors like plastic straws. While they may appear cheap and harmless, disposable razors are incredibly wasteful. They don't often last longer than just a few shaves and because they're not biodegradable, they're extremely hazardous to our environment. 

    It can take one plastic disposable razor HUNDREDS of years before breaking down into micro-plastics. Even then, micro-plastics leak harmful chemicals into the ground and waterways and contaminate our food systems.

    While scientists are still learning about the effects of micro-plastics on human health, they're believed to be damaging to our immune system, carry toxins and do much much worse.

    Sustainable shaving

    If sustainable living and sustainable shaving are important to both you and her, you may be concerned about how to combine the best first razor for a girl with sustainable shaving. 

    But fear not, to help you decide on the best shaver for her, we have a few options for you. A safety razor is often a fantastic zero-waste alternative. A reusable razor with sharp blades can also be a more eco-friendly option that reduces the number of disposable razors that end up in landfills and oceans.

    Whatever tool you choose, remember to follow safety tips to ensure a smooth and safe shaving experience.


    3. Pick the best female razor

    Because sustainable shaving is more important than ever, we have two eco-friendly razors for you to choose from. 

    Safety Razor:

    A safety razor is one of the best low-waste, environmentally friendly shaving solutions available. Safety razors are generally made of metal, so unlike plastic disposable razors, these razors are plastic-free and designed to last for years. 

    This shaver is designed for a great close shave and blade replacement is also relatively cheap. 


    Despite the environmental benefits of a safety razor, as a parent, sibling or guardian, you may feel this is not the best first razor for a girl's first shave because safety razors don’t tend to have a movable head or a protective guard across the blade.

    This means that nicks and cuts can happen easily if she's not super careful with the angle of the shave. 

    Traditional Safety Razor

    It also means your daughter will be handling sharp razor blades every time they need to be replaced. 

    If a safety razor isn't for you, then we have a great alternative that just might tick on the boxes for making a girls first shave experience safer and smoother than ever. 


    Reusable Cartridge Razor: 

    If you'd prefer to combine safety with sustainable shaving, then a reusable cartridge razor may be the best option for first-time shavers.

    For this, we recommend Make My Shave — the best female razor subscription in Australia and the best first razor for a girl's first shave! 

    Make My Shave is an Australian-based brand that provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic razors and a safer alternative to safety razors. 

    The 5-blades of a Make My Shave female razor are surrounded by a super soft Aloe Vera and Vitamin E-infused moisture cushion. Because the cushion encompasses the blades, it allows the head to glide over the skin easily, providing a close yet gentle shaving experience. 

    This style of razor head will give her extra confidence when it comes to removing hair from sensitive places such as ankles, knees, underarms and the bikini area.

    Like a safety razor, the razor handle is made of metal making it rustproof and designed to last for years to come. 

    Unlike a safety razor, Make My Shave has an elegant curved handle that is easy to hold. There's also a non-slip rubber grip to give her extra confidence when manoeuvring the razor over her skin. The reliable features of this girl's razor mean she doesn't have to worry about the razor slipping out of her hand while shaving. 

    In addition to providing a close, smooth shave Make My Shave is committed to the betterment of the planet. This Aussie brand is changing industry norms and the narrative around shaving by giving girls a better way to care for their bodies and the environment.

    There are plenty of eco elements infused into this female shaving subscription. From donating to tree planting projects across Australia to sustainable packaging, head recycling, and free carbon offset delivery.

    Here's a link to the Make My Shave Starter Kit.


    womens razor subscription


    4. Avoid dry shaving 

    When it comes to quick and convenient hair removal, make sure she’s well-informed about the dangers of dry shavingShaving without water can be a painful experience so if she's new to shaving, this is something you may want to avoid for her first shave experience. 

    In addition to skin irritation, side effects from dry shaving can include a nasty rash, stubble, uneven results, cuts and nicks, shaving bumps and ingrown hairs. 

    To achieve a frictionless shave, we recommend that body hair removal takes place in a warm shower or bathtub.


    5. Shave the best for last 

    One of the most effective ways to shave is to wait until after shampooing and body washing is complete.

    The moist heat of a shower or bath gives the skin time to soften. This helps open up the hair follicles and pores and will result in a smoother and closer shaving experience. 

    If she has sensitive skin, waiting until nearer the end of her routine will mean far less irritation with less tugging required.   


    6. Combine shower activities 

    One of the best shaving hacks of all time is to combine shower activities strategically!

    If she uses conditioner, she can leave the treatment on her hair while shaving — both activities require little or no water running, so not only is she saving time, but she's also creating a more environmentally friendly body care routine. 


    7. Exfoliate first

    Exfoliation is another key tip that your daughter will thank you for! 

    Exfoliation is a process that removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin without disrupting the young and healthy skin cells underneath. 

    Taking the time to exfoliate areas such as legs, pubic areas and underarms prior to shaving equals plenty of benefits; it can help achieve a closer shave and smoother skin, prevent ingrown hairs, clear pores, and improve circulation.

    The best way of smoothing the skin is with a body scrub, washcloth or natural fibre loofah. 

    The Body Buff Duo is a skin-kind exfoliation set launched by Make My Shave. Once wet, the loofah and soap work together to create a foamy exfoliation experience that opens up the pores and preps the hair for a more seamless shave.

    17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave 


    8. Try DIY body scrub

    In addition to preparing the skin for the best shave ever, a body scrub can also be a wonderful way to relax and feel calmer.  

    To assist with her sustainable shave routine, why not try a DIY body scrub?

    There are plenty of easy scrub recipes that use traditional kitchen ingredients such as coffee, coconut oil, sea salt or sugar.

    Here's a link to a few easy to make body scrubs.


    9. Lubricate the skin with a sustainable shave bar 

    If she opts to try Make My Shave as her first razor, the razor head comes with an incredibly soft lubrication cushion that glides easily across the skin. This means that no additional shaving cream, oils or gels are necessary.

    However, if it's a girls first shave, she may feel like adding an additional lubricant — at least until she feels comfortable and confident with her new skincare routine. 

    There are plenty of options available such as shaving cream, foam, gel, oil or soap. But for a more sustainable shave, we recommend trying a shaving bar that's free of palm oil, animal products, preservatives and artificial additives. 

    The Shave Cushion from Make My Shave works wonders as a shave foam replacement. The bar is designed to be easy to hold and once wet, it creates a gel-like lather that cleanses and softens the skin for shaving. The Shave Cushion is made with natural ingredients including Eucalyptus Essential Oil and Avocado Oil. This little hero is handmade in Australia, vegan-friendly and mixed using filtered rainwater. 

     Shave Bar for a girls first shave

    10. Less is more 

    If she chooses to apply shaving gel/cream or lather up using a shave bar, the lubricant may require a few minutes to soak in and moisten the skin.

    If she's using a quality product, and depending on her choice of girl's razor, less is generally more. She is likely to only need a thin layer on the area she plans to shave and seeing the skin and hair underneath can much for a much safer shave, especially around sensitive areas like ankles and knees.


    11. Experiment with shave direction

    "Which direction should you shave your legs?" is one of the questions she's likely to have. The answer really depends on where she's shaving and if her skin's susceptible to ingrown hairs.

    For the closest shave on legs, the best technique is to start at the ankles, shave up the leg and go against the direction of the hair growth — but this advice comes with a caveat — because all skin types are different, she might like to experiment up and down until she finds the best direction for her skin.

    Remind her to take extra care around knees and ankles and especially around pubic areas. For extra tips on how to shave pubic areas, check out our blog on the best way to shave pubic hair for women here. 

    Armpits are different from legs. Underarm hair grows in all directions, so she might want to try gentle strokes up and down to find a direction that feels comfortable for her. You can also advise her to use a mirror to help her tackle hair in the areas she can't see. 

    The bikini area can also vary. To keep things as smooth as possible, she might want to start in the direction of the hair growth and then switch to shaving against the direction of hair growth.

    Taking time not to rush the shaving process is important. Shave slowly and gently.

    Pick a quality female razor that will smooth the skin easily and make sure the blades are sharp.

    Tips for a girls first shave


    12. Apply firm but fair pressure

    When it comes to pressure, the trick is to apply a medium-firm press so that the shave is close, without the risk of nicks or cuts. 

    If she has a quality female razor like Make My Shave, then the razor head will do most of the work. 


    13. Keep blades clean between strokes 

    To keep her female razor performing at its best, rinse the blades between strokes.

    Cleaning helps keep blades sharp and protects the skin from razor burn and irritation.

    If the back of the razor head is open — like the Make My Shave women's razor, then cleaning the razor will be super easy and only take a few seconds. 

     17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave


    14. Rinse the shaver

    After shaving is complete, it's important to give the razor a final rinse and remove any clogged hair. 

    Rinsing can prolong the lifespan of razor blades by keeping them cleaner and sharper for longer.


    15. A dry razor is a happy razor 

    Once her skin is beautifully smooth and her razor has been rinsed clean, store the female shaver in a dry place to help avoid rust on the blades.

    If she has the Make My Shave Razor Holder, she can give her shaver a great home in the shower so that it stays handy, out of trouble and dry. 

    The stainless steel holder uses a waterproof adhesive that can stick to glass and tiles, plus it looks good in any bathroom. 

    17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave


    16. Finish with a good moisturiser

    Shaving can leave skin feeling dry, so aftercare is super important. Pat legs dry with a towel then apply a body cream or lotion. Baby oil works well for extremely dry skin and can keep legs soft and smooth while unscented and natural moisturisers can also soothe the skin.

    If she has sensitive skin, you may want to advise her to do a patch test before using any new products on her skin. It's also best to stay clear of any overly scented products.

    Finishing the shave routine with a good moisturiser can help relieve irritation, prevent and soothe razor burn and lock in hydration.

    This will assist her freshly shaved skin to stay smooth and irritation-free.


    17. Replace the razor head when it gets dull

    Because everyone is different and body hair can vary in texture, thickness, and growth speed, there really is no set rule on how often razor blades should be changed. What is important is how she feels.

    Just look out for the first sign of dullness and always make sure there is no rust on the blade. Feelings of discomfort when shaving are a great indicator of a dull blade. 

    If the razor blade pulls at her body hair, feels rough on the skin or she experiences increased irritation post-shave, then it’s time to replace the razor head! 

    With a premium female razor, she won't have to change her razor heads as often as she would with a disposable razor. The less she changes her razor, the better the impact on the planet. 

     17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave


    17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave Round Up!

    Having an open and informed conversation about body hair and the best shaving techniques will help your teenage daughter shave in a way that’s effortless, smooth and pain-free.

    Educating her on the Do's and Don't's' of shaving, the dangers of plastic, and how to pick the best female razor, will boost her confidence in the shaving department.

    The right female razor will reduce the risk of nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and razor burn and give her smooth legs and more confidence when it comes to her skincare routine.

    Finally, if a more sustainable shaver is the best option for her, she can feel extra positive about using her new body care routine to do good for the planet. 

    Find out more about Make My Shave.

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