Recently, during a ladies brunch on the Gold Coast, I was asked, ‘why is your womens razor subscription so special?’

It's a really great question. 

Why should someone ditch their disposable shaver for a womens razor subscription — especially if they’ve used a product for years. 

Why change? 

Shaving with a disposable razor is something I did for years. I liked the low cost, convenience of the product. I like that I could just throw it in the bin and use a fresh new blade whenever I liked. 

But as I started to become more aware of the damage one little razor does to our environment, I started feeling terrible about my shaving habits. Every time I picked up the plastic packaging in the supermarket, I’d get a massive wave of guilt knowing that both the razor and the box would end up in the landfill. 

I needed a solution to a problem I faced almost daily. 

I’d thought about the cartridge razors but often found the blades expensive. They were also wrapped in plastic, so it still didn’t solve my problem of wanting a more eco-friendly razor for women. 

When the idea to build my own womens razor subscription came to me, I needed Make My Shave to be something that ticked all the right boxes. It had to be stylish and provide a really smooth shave, but most importantly, it had to replace the convenience of a disposable razor and be kinder to our planet. 

My goal wasn’t just to experience guilt-free shaving. It was to provide shaving with a purpose. And that’s why Make My Shave exists; to empower women to use their shaving habits for good. 

Make My Shave is a super convenient and affordable razor — just like a disposable razor — but with a much kinder footprint. 


We provide recyclable packaging, free carbon offset delivery, free used-head recycling, and a women's reusable razor. We also give back to our environment by planting trees as part of our womens razor subscription. This means that our customers can plant up to 12 trees a year just by making the decision to experience Make My Shave. 

We don’t expect to save the world, but we want to contribute to a better world by providing a better way to shave. 

Learn more about our womens razor subscription and sustainability promises. 

Click HERE to stay smooth!

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