Is a shaver subscription worth it?

Is a shaver subscription worth it?

In a world where convenience meets self-care, is a shaver subscription truly life changing? We're debunk the myths surrounding this trending beauty essential.
Celebrities who shave

Celebrities who shave - Queens who keep their gams glam

Discover the grooming secrets of your favourite female celebrities who shave. From Tailor Swift to Celeste Barber, we bring you the highlights of body hair and discuss why there's no shame in shaving.
March 18, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
Best Razor Subscription Box for Women

The Best Razor Subscription Box for Smoother Shaving

Best Razor Subscription Box for Women in 2022. When it comes to good beauty, quality razor can make all the difference, not just to the smoothness of your skin, but to how you actually feel about the act of shaving.
Best women's razor 2022

Best women’s razor 2022

If you’re wondering what’s the best women’s razor 2022, you’ve come to the right place. 

Make My Shave takes all the best bits from systems, disposable and reusable razors to give Aussie women a sustainable shaving subscription that’s unlike anything on the market. 

womens razor subscription

New Year, New Womens Razor Subscription!

Recently, during a ladies brunch on the Gold Coast, I was asked, ‘why is your women's razor subscription so special?’

And here's why... 


Ladies Razor Subscription

Ladies razor subscription makes the perfect gift

We’re living in a world full of stuff we don’t need, so this year, why not give the gift of a donation to your preferred charity, or a more practical and sustainable pressie like a ladies razor subscription... After all, we give men razors for Christmas, so why shouldn’t we give them to women?