If you’re wondering how to shave down there without getting bumps, we’ve got you covered with a few helpful grooming tips that'll get your bikini line summer ready in no time.

But before we get started, there is something important you should know… 

Shaving your bikini line is totally fine for your skin — but it can irritate it. Razor burn, bumps and ingrown hairs around your pubic area are completely normal. They may be annoying, but they’re nothing to be ashamed of and they're more common than you may expect. 

In a recent social post, The Bachelor's Abbie Chatfield proudly mentioned her shaving rash at a swimwear event in Sydney. 

High-five Abbie! 🙌 

The best razor for shaving down there Abbie Chatfield

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How to shave down there - your guide to the smoothest bikini line

While shaving down there is really not that difficult, it can be a daunting task, especially if it's your first time shaving or you’re simply not used to it.

To make your life and bikini line smoother, here are our top 5 tips on How to Shave Down There: 


1. Choose the right women’s razor 🪒

Picking the best women’s razor is the first step to help ensure a smoother bikini and rash-free private area. 

A women's razor with 5-blades is our recommended shaver of choice. 5-blades will give you a much closer shave down there. This means less risk of nasty nicks and annoying irritation.

A firm, weighted razor handle can also assist with manoeuvrability. The weight means that you don't have to apply as much pressure in delicate areas. 

When it comes to shaving down there, we recommend a razor head with a full lubrication cushion, not just a lubrication strip. The cushion not only provides additional comfort when reaching those precious places, but it can also give your more confidence with less risk of nicks or cuts. 

The 5-blade and 360-degree lubrication cushion on the Make My Shave women’s razor is the type of female razor that’s gentle on the bikini line and makes shaving down easier, smoother and bump-free. 

Whatever type of groomer you choose, we strongly recommend avoiding disposable razors. Not only are they harmful to our environment, but the blade quality can vary and may leave you with extra irritation. 

It’s also important to make sure you use a fresh, sharp blade. A dull blade can tug your skin and cause inflammation around your hair follicles, increasing the risk of razor bumps.


Shaving down there Make My Shave

Make My Shave - women's razor subscription.


2. Pre-shave prep is a game changer  🌸

When it comes to shaving down there, it's key to take your time and don't rush.

If your pubic hair is thick or long, make sure to trim the hair with scissors or a trimmer before shaving. This will help to minimise tugging and irritation.

It's also crucial to make sure your skin is moist before picking up your women's razor. 

Whether your preferred shave environment is the shower or bathtub, make sure you take the time to thoroughly wet your bikini area with warm water before getting started. This will soften the outer layer of your skin, making it easier to remove hair and less chance of razor burn. 

If you're also washing your hair and body, we recommend leaving shaving until the end of your shower routine. This will give the skin time to soften before shaving your bikini area. 

Light exfoliation is also recommended. You can use a body scrub, washcloth or loofah, but remember, less is totally more, so be gentle and stay away from heavily scented products. Scents in your delicate spots are also a big no-no.

The purpose of exfoliation is to tease out ingrown hairs and allow the blades to get closer to your skin.


3. Pick a shaving foam or shave bar that works for your skin type 😍

If you’re using a Make My Shave razor then shaving creams, oils and gels aren’t always necessary. However, when it comes to shaving down there, we do suggest using a kind-to-your-skin shave cream, gel or shave bar. Because your pubic area can be particularly delicate, the extra lubrication can really help reduce irritation, bumps and razor burn. 

Apply your shaving gel/cream and leave it a few minutes to soak in and really moisten your skin. Make My Shave has recently launched a shave bar that's packed with skin-soothing ingredients like avocado oil, coconut oil and eucalyptus essential oil. This powerful pre-shave combination soothes the skin and creates a luscious later to cushion your shave down there while maximising closeness and nourishing your skin.

There are plenty of shaving products that are specifically made for your pubic hair, so find one that’s right for your body type. 

When applying, you only need a very thin layer on the area you’re planning to shave. Seeing the skin and hair underneath will make for a much safer shave, so don't be afraid to grab a mirror if it helps you reach the right spots and assists with shaving down there.  


 4. Shave in one direction 💯💯💯

There’s a great debate around “what direction should you shave your bikini line?” To prevent unnecessary ingrown hairs, what's most important is to avoid going in different directions with your razor. 

Keep the blade downward without adding too much pressure. With a 5-blade women’s razor, one pass should be enough to remove the hairs easily. Using your free hand, you can also stretch out the skin to make a smoother surface. The fewer times you shave in the same area, the less trauma to your skin. Repeating strokes can irritate sensitive skin, so one pass is usually best when it comes to shaving down there. 

Don't forget to rinse the razor head frequently during your shave routine. This will help prevent the blades from clogging. 

5. Moisturise your way to super smooth skin 💞

After shaving down there your skin may feel a little sensitive.

To prevent irritation and reduce razor burn, a top shaving tip is to hold down a cold compress on the delicate area. This can simply be a wet washcloth you put in the fridge or run cold water over the freshly shaved area. Adding this step to your body care routine is great for closing up the pores and helping reduce irritation.

Moisturising or using a lotion after shaving is also a body care MUST.

Try an unscented, alcohol-free moisturiser. Those with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E are great for skin hydration. 🌿 

The best razor for shaving down there Make My Shave


We hope you enjoyed our tips for shaving down there! 

For a smooth and comfortable experience, remember to trim the hair with a pair of scissors or a trimmer if required.

Use a sharp, clean razor head and apply moisturising shaving foam or a shaving lather to create a protective barrier.

Shave in the direction of hair growth to reduce the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation.

Remember to rinse your shaver frequently and replace your razor blades regularly to ensure they perform at their best.

After shaving, gently pat the area dry and apply a soothing moisturiser or gentle lotion to prevent dryness and irritation. 

Finally, remember to take your time and be gentle to avoid nicks or cuts.

Following these tips can help you achieve a clean and comfortable experience when shaving down there. 

If there’s something you would like to add, please drop us a note in the comments.

Body hair and body care is a completely personal choice, everyone is different and that’s the way we like it! 


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