Are you on the lookout for the best sustainable Mother's Day gifts in 2023?

If so, you've come to the right place! we’ve prepared a selection of great gift ideas from Australian-based businesses. 

But before we dive in, here’s a reminder why Mother’s Day is so important:

In a nutshell, mothers are fabulous!

It’s hard to find words to convey how grateful I am for my own mother. From childhood to adulthood, she’s contributed to shaping who I am today.

She’s gone from being someone who did my laundry and grounded me when I was up to no good, to becoming my best friend. She’s someone I respect, listen to and love with every fibre of my being.

My mum gives the best hugs. She has taught me to be independent, stand up for what I believe, and shown me that love comes from the inside out.

I appreciate her as a wonderful mum and as a wonderful woman.

Even though every day is really Mother’s Day, Sunday, 8 May is about celebrating motherhood in Australia and reminding her how special she truly is.

the best sustainable mother's day gifts

Why you should choose a more sustainable Mother’s Day gift this year:

Becoming a conscious consumer means switching to products and services that are more eco-friendly, ethical, and follow sustainable and transparent business practices.

Shopping sustainably isn’t a fancy fad or quick trend either, it's a way of life. 

Choosing to use your spending power to do good in the world benefits you, the environment, and future generations.

When it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas in 2023, sustainable gifting is an opportunity to choose gifts that are useful, planet-friendly, and support causes that you (and mum) feel passionate about.

Although you might have been stumped over what to get your #1 lady in the past, this year finding sustainable Mother's Day gifts is much easier and more affordable because of the rise in Australian based businesses responding to the call for more sustainably focused goods.    

Ready to shop and make this Mother's Day extra special with more meaningful and eco-friendly gifts?

Here are our top sustainable Mother's Day gifts 2023: 

1. The sustainable shaver for mums!

Make My Shave is THE gift to give this Mother’s Day. 

But what makes Make My Shave so special? 

Sustainably Focused

Make My Shave is one of the best sustainable Mother's Day gifts 2023 because it’s a razor subscription for women and the planet.

The Australian-owned business was developed by a couple on a mission to ‘shave the way to a better world.’

Make My Shave helps grow homes for wildlife in Australia, removes plastic from landfill, and brings together a community of amazing ladies who genuinely care about protecting our planet.

Packaging is eco-friendly, delivery is free and carbon offset, razor head recycling is included and native trees are planted as part of the razor subscription for women.

Superior Shaving 

Many women settle for an average razor because the majority of shavers have been designed around disposable materials and men’s shaving needs.

But not any more!

Make My Shave is a premium women’s razor unlike any other. It’s sleek, elegant and a beauty essential she’ll use frequently and love.

The superior 5-blade Superlube head is great for time poor mums who love the feeling of silky smooth skin because it makes shaving quick, effortless and more enjoyable.

Simply Delivered 

Because Make My Shave is a razor subscription for women, it means your Mother's Day gift gets delivered directly to mum’s door.

You simply sign her up for a Make My Shave Starter Kit and arrange for her to receive 4 new razor head refills via subscription.

If you’re not sure how often she’d like new blades delivered, don’t worry!

Simply sign her up for bi-monthly refills then if needed, she can change the delivery frequency directly from her account. 

Cost: Make My Shave razor subscription for women from $21.99

Like it? Find out more here.

 The Best Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts 2022

2. Eco-friendly Hydration!

If a busy mum would benefit from more fluids, The 8ADAY HYDRATION reusable bottle is a brilliant way to ensure she drinks more water during the day.

8ADAY HYDRATION is also one of the best sustainable Mother's Day gifts because the reusable water bottle prevents the need to purchase single-use plastic bottles. 

We love that this bottle also takes the guesswork work out of trying to hit your daily water intake goal.

The bottle is safe, non-toxic and highly durable. It comes with a travel carry strap, spill proof flip top lid and convenient wide mouth.

Cost: 8ADAY HYDRATION reusable bottle from $39.95

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The Best Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts 2022

#3 Green Gifts for Mother’s Day!

Seed A Smile is the sustainable Mother’s Day gift that keeps growing!

Seed A Smile is an Australian business that provides plant-your-own Seed a Smile gift boxes. These perfect packages are a great way to give mum fresh flowers all year around.

And because the business has a passion for mental health education and spreading smiles, 5% of every sale goes towards LIVIN’s LIVINWell programs.

Cost: Seed A Smile from $59.00

Like it? Find out more here.

The Best Sustainable Mother's Day Gifts 2022, Australia


While chocolates, jewellery, and gift vouchers are all great suggestions, gifting a razor subscription for women, stylish reusable water bottle or year round flowers, could just be the best sustainable Mother's Day gift ever!!!


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March 21, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike

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