5 reasons to join a women's shave club:

1. Convenient  

2. On-demand 

3. Affordable 

4. Better quality blades 

5. Customer support


When it comes to shaving, we all have a shared goal - get silky smooth skin without nasty nicks or razor burn. 

But when it comes to choosing the right ladies’ shaver, there is a lot to consider. From the number of blades to finding the right razor handle and choosing between an aloe strip or aloe cushion. (hint: the answer is aloe cushion!)

Whatever way you choose to shave, joining a women’s shave club is now the best way to upgrade your shave with minimal effort. 

But what is a women’s shave club and why does joining a female razor subscription mean a better body-care experience for Aussie women?

Well, for one, times are changing. Historically, the best shaving subscription was built around men’s grooming needs, but 2022 brings a whole new perspective on good body-care. A shift in the market means convenient, affordable and better quality shave experiences are now being designed around women's shaving needs. 

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One of the most appealing benefits of being part of a women’s shave club is that it can really simplify your skin-care routine. Because razor heads get delivered straight to your door, there’s no need to remember to buy them at the supermarket — so you can check that off your shopping list for good!  

Women’s shave clubs can also be much more affordable than buying razors from a store. 

Plus women's shavers tend to be higher-quality when purchased through a shaving subscription, so they're likely to last longer and provide a more premium shave experience. 

As a member of a women’s shave club, it also means you can customise your order with the option to pause and unpause whenever you like. If you feel like a taking a break from your regular lady shave routine and want time to let your hair grow naturally, your shaving subscription supports your choices. 

And of course, there’s usually free shipping, which means no sneaky extra expenses when it comes to razor delivery. 


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In pursuit of sustainable shave days

When you think of a women’s shave club, you probably don’t associate it with eco-friendly razors, but as we enter a new era of personal grooming, a sustainable razor subscription is the holy grail of shaving.

Make My Shave is the women’s razor subscription influencing a new trend in female-first grooming by favouring sustainable shaving.   

As a Queensland-based business, Make My Shave provides a new generation razor club for women across Australia. Since launching in November 2021, the brand is one of the first female beauty brands to successfully couple top-shelf shaving with sustainability. 

Their ​ladies' razor subscription is designed to reduce the amount of plastic heading for landfill, be kinder to the environment, and save women time and money.⁠

TimeOut Magazine recently announced Make My Shave as one of the ‘best Australian personal care and beauty brands that put sustainability first’.


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Because Make My Shave does a lot to help protect the planet, it’s no surprise this small business is quickly becoming Australia’s #1 razor subscription for women. 

To reduce its carbon footprint, Make My Shave plants a tree with every order, including starter kits and every razor head refill kit. Trees are planted in Australia via their partnership with One Tree Planted.

Sustainable shave club Australia


As for its eco-friendly packaging, Make My Shave developed a bespoke compostable cardboard insert to hold their women’s razor and blades. It's made without the use of glue or plastic and is even made in Australia.

They also teamed up with the NoIssue for their compostable stickers and eco-friendly stamps. All deliveries are carbon offset purchased through credits from Greenfleet Australia.

Finally, to close the loop a little further, customers can return their used blades to Make My Shave’s Queensland HQ where the brand will recycle them responsibly through Terracycle Australia. Make My Shave even pay for the return postage in order to provide a 100% recyclable solution.   

As eco-friendly beauty brands are often perceived to 'look' a certain way — generally bamboo or brown — this women’s shave club proves that sustainable shaving can be gorgeous as well as good. 

Think luxury in the form of a razor! 

womens shave club australia

Their zinc alloy razor handle is quite the statement piece. Its shiny exterior makes the female razor look and feel like a premium addition to any bathroom. 

The reusable razor handle pairs with a 5-Blade Superlube Head. And yes, it’s called Superlube for a very good reason. When wet, the soft Vitamin-E and aloe vera infused cushion transforms into a soft protective gel. The lubricated layer means it can whizz safely over curves and get into creases without the need for additional gels or foams, and without leaving nicks or cuts. 

Together, the super sharp blades and kind aloe cushion leave a noticeable youthful glow to the skin. So you can expect happy legs and good feelings about your new sustainable shave routine.  

Could Make My Shave be the shave-changing women’s shave club that you never knew you needed in your life?

To join the club and get started with your sustainable shaving subscription, click here.

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