Because smooth skin shouldn’t hurt the planet!

It’s no secret that razors can be one of the most wasteful and environmentally harmful body care products.

It’s also no secret that some women haven't yet made the switch to a more sustainable shaver.

Perhaps you’ve used the same razor since you were a teenager and habits keep you tied to your old razor, even though your gut tells you to find a planet-friendly alternative.

Or maybe you’re so used to using men’s razors that you’ve not yet ventured into the new era of shavers designed for women and the planet!

The good news is that brands like Make My Shave are pioneering the way we shave. Make My Shave makes it easy for forward thinking females to use their shaving habits to do good in the world.

So what does a sustainable shaver for women look like?

Historically, when it comes to choosing an eco-friendly razor that’s stylish and effective, women have been limited to what’s on the supermarket shelves — and let's face it, there hasn’t been much of a choice!

Today, there are plastic-free razors, zero-waste razors and sustainable shaving subscriptions like Make My Shave.

You may also have seen handles made with biodegradable wheat straw instead of plastic — but be careful — certain wheat straw can only be disposed of in specialised industrial facilities, which means these razors are not home compostable or biodegradable. Plus, the wheat straw is often infused with micro-plastics.

Whatever sustainable shaver you’re thinking about, it’s important you find a razor that’s genuinely green-minded.

Here are a few things to look out for:

Reusable Razor Handle

Choose a reusable razor handle over a plastic handle, even if it's made of recycled plastic. 

Using a reusable razor handle, especially one that won’t rust, means it will last for years!

Make My Shave ladies’ razor handle is made of zinc alloy. It’s been extensively tested and we’re happy to report, it’s not only durable and rust resistant, but it looks great and has a far superior handle than a plastic disposable razor.

Sustainable Shaver for Women

Recyclable Blades

Because most safety razors don’t have plastic blades, they can be kinder to the plant. However, you might be someone that doesn't enjoy handling sharp razor blades.

Mums can also be turned off by the thought of having sharp blades in the bathroom cupboard.

To overcome this challenge and still provide a 100% recyclable solution, at Make My Shave we invite our community to send used blades back so they can be recycled at no extra cost.

In fact, we pay for the return postage as well as the recycling through TerraCycle Australia. 

Planet-friendly Packaging

It’s 2022; plastic packaging is just so uncool and so unnecessary.

Whether you decide to order your razor online, join a sustainable shaving subscription, or stick with the tradition of buying your razors from the supermarket, make sure the packaging is planet-friendly.

Creating bespoke packaging that’s compostable, has a reduced carbon footprint and made in Australia, was one of the challenges and highlights for the creators of Make My Shave.

We spent months (and months) creating packaging that’s eco-friendly and made of materials we could be truly proud of.

Sustainable Shaver for Women - Make My Shave

Carbon Offset Delivery

If you’re ordering a sustainable shaver online, check to see if free carbon offset delivery is included.

Naturally, this comes as standard for all Make My Shave deliveries.

Do More Good!

Is your razor a tree planter? Does it have a social purpose?

A growing number of consumers are switching to more environmentally-minded brands and those with a genuine purpose sewn into the foundation of their business.

After all, shouldn’t companies take more responsibility for the way they impact society?

Purpose lies at the heart of Make My Shave. We exist to reduce plastic waste, to help restore bushland and animal habitats across Australia, and to give women a more superior and sustainable shaver.

Sustainable Shaver for Women

Being a good human doesn’t mean you have to go zero-waste overnight, but why not start by making more sustainable switches?

If you're on the hunt for a razor that won't hurt the world, Make My Shave is one of the best womens razor subscriptions in Australia. Our sustainable shaver is affordable, stylish and a product you can be proud of. 

Go Ahead, Make My Shave… 


Find out more about our ladies razor subscription HERE.

February 27, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike

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