Have you ever had an aha moment in the shower? Well, that's pretty much how our women's razor subscription that's better for the planet was born. 


Let me take you back to 22 March 2021 — the day I like to call, ‘the day our wedding got cancelled’.


In an attempt to outsmart COVID, My husband-to-be (Mike) and I decided to elope in the Blue Mountains. We knew that getting married during a pandemic was pretty risky, so rather than worry about the possibility of family members cancelling due to an impromptu lockdown, we opted for an intimate celebration for two. 

After all, if there are only two of you, what could possibly go wrong?


Well, let me tell you, a lot can go wrong. The day before our ceremony, we received a call from the manager of the hotel where we were due to wed. Our plan was indeed COVID-proof (yah!), sadly it was not flood-proof 🤦‍♀️.

Practically overnight, rainfall so severe it broke a 120-year-old record caused widespread flooding throughout the East Coast of Australia. The roads surrounding our hotel had closed due to freak landslides, leaving no way in or out for at least a week. Unless we wanted a Zoom wedding from our living room, there was no way we would be getting married anytime soon. 

Waking up the next morning, it all felt quite surreal. The flooding was no one’s fault, you can’t argue with force majeure, but naturally, we were pretty disappointed.  

Sleepily, I headed for the shower. Under the warm water, I lathered my legs in featherlight foam before reaching for my ladies' disposable razor. Pressing the razor blades against my damp skin, a feeling of intense frustration suddenly burst out of me. Not only should this be my last shave as a fiance, I thought to myself, but I am so sick of using plastic razors! 

That’s when it hit me. 

Holding up a piece of pink plastic that was destined for landfill, I knew there had to be a better way to shave. While there was nothing I could do about my postponed wedding, there was certainly something I could do to improve my personal grooming habits and their impact on our planet.

Surging with excitement, I toweled down and ran to Mike with a new proposal — could we develop an eco-friendly women’s razor that serves as an alternative to plastic disposable razors? 

Thankfully, he said YES! 

With the seed of Make My Shave planted, we started to truly understand the experience women have with shaving; as it turns out, there is a real imbalance when it comes to women’s disposable razors and the availability of shaving subscriptions. 

We began to ask things like: 

Why does the same razor in blue cost less than in pink? 

Why do men have an abundance of well-designed reusable razor handles, yet women’s options are limited? 

Why is packing made of plastic and difficult to access?

Why can’t recycling razor heads be easy? 

Why do razor head refills cost much more than the reusable razor handle itself? 

Why do men have a choice of razor subscriptions, yet there’s a lack of dedicated women's razor subscription platforms for females in Australia? 

Determined to level up the shaving game, Mike and I set out to do something different; to create a women’s razor subscription that's better for the planet. 

After months of painstaking planning and development, we’re proud that Make My Shave is so much more than just a good-looking ladies’ razor. On top of providing a damn smooth shave, we baked sustainability into the heart of our business. We focus on being a business with purpose and a women’s shaving brand that contributes to positive solutions rather than problems. 

So, what’s the moral of our story?


I guess you never know when a great idea or the awakening of a desire is going to come to you, so when things don’t work out the way you planned, maybe there’s a reason for it. If it wasn’t for circumstances out of our control causing us to postpone our big day, I probably wouldn’t have been so focused on the impact of shaving or had the momentum to step up and take action. For that, I’m really grateful. 

Thanks for reading 

Lindsay & Mike 

PS - we eventually got married in a beautiful ceremony in the Blue Mountains - I’m happy to report that the weather was amazing and worth waiting for! ☀️

September 29, 2021 — Lindsay & Mike

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