Make My Shave is the body care brand empowering Aussie women to take a positive step towards sustainability.

The Queensland-based startup founded by wife & husband team Lindsay & Mike, challenges the inequalities between male and female razors, and provides a more sustainable way to shave with a razor subscription for women and the planet. 

In short, Make My Shave helps grow trees, not hair. 🌱

With an estimated 100 million plastic disposable razors destined for the landfill each year in Australia, Make My Shave is redefining the way we shave by connecting personal grooming with our environment. Their big ambition is to influence behaviour change by making it easy for people to upgrade their shaving habits from 'discarding' to 'reusing' and 'recycling'.

Make My Shave is the perfect alternative to plastic disposable razors. As a razor subscription for women, this means you receive a stunning reusable handle and get new blades delivered to your door whenever you choose. With every delivery a tree gets planted in Australia. The clever packaging is plastic-free, eco-friendly, fully recyclable, and specifically designed for a reduced carbon footprint. Plus there is free recycling for your used razor heads to ensure they don't end up in landfill.

We reuse our coffee cups and water bottles, why wouldn't we do the same with our razor?

It's time for women to have the best shave EVER!!! 

For year's shaving subscriptions have been built around men’s shaving needs, Make My Shave is the rebellious razor that's focused on what women want.

The curved and weighted reusable razor handle has a gorgeous aesthetic while the 5-blade super-lube head gives Aussie women a quick, ultra-smooth, no-nick shave.

The razor makes a stylish statement piece for the bathroom and reaffirms that sustainability doesn't have to mean boring.


Good habits have never felt so smooth! 

Aside from the obvious positives of having a gorgeous ladies razor, never having to worry about running out of blades again and the environmentally sound qualities that come with Make My Shave, there is also NO Pink or Green Tax!

Make My Shave believe that females shouldn't be charged more than men for shaving products. And the same goes for eco-razors. That's why the company keep their razor subscription for women affordable. Small changes, big impact. 💖

Is it time to shave the way to a better world? 🌎

We think so. 


Go Ahead, Make My Shave!

October 29, 2021 — Lindsay & Mike

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