Recently, Rachel McAdams appeared on to promote her upcoming film, Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.

The article was picked up by an array of media outlets. From Glamour and Vanity Fair to People and our very own MamaMia. But, controversially, what got many writers and bloggers taking to their laptops in a flurry wasn’t the film itself. It was Mrs McAdam’s armpits.

Beneath her underarm, she bared all. And her body is as natural and beautiful as can be. She asked for minimal retouching and requested that her armpit hair remained unedited.  

But did her tufts of brown hair overshadow the release of her new film?

Why is it we give underarm hair so much attention? And on the flip side, why does hair removal also get a bad wrap?

As the Co-founder of a women’s body care brand, Make My Shave, I found the mass of armpit articles circulating to be interesting and thought-provoking.

I thought about my own feelings toward the topic, and it boiled down to a relatively simple summary. It’s awesome when someone chooses to let their hair grow au naturel, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. But it’s equally as awesome when someone removes their body hair if they so choose. There’s nothing wrong with that decision either.

Both options are as equally empowering when you’re making a choice that’s right for you and your body.

In fact, I can attest to this. When we launched Make My Shave, I created a video of shaving my underarm hair. I allowed my hair to grow as long as I possibly could (which wasn't that long), and then in front of the camera, I removed it. 

At first, I felt extremely uncomfortable, wondering what people would think. Then something strange happened; I felt unexpectedly empowered by leaning into such a vulnerable space - just as there was no shame in having underarm hair, there was no shame in shaving either. 

If you want to check it out, here's the original Reel: 

Best razor for armpit hair


Personally, I like having freshly shaved underarms. For me, I enjoy the feeling. I like my armpits feeling fresh and smooth.

This doesn’t mean that I judge someone who doesn’t shave their underarm hair. Far from it, I hope they feel as genuinely happy and empowered as I do.

So my advice is this - don’t be persuaded either way. The question isn’t whether you should shave or shouldn’t. The question is, are you honouring what’s right for you?

Don't let the latest celebrity look or glossy magazine sway your decision. Because, you doing you is 100% the most beautiful way to be. 

May 03, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
Tags: Shaving

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