Wondering how to get smooth, sassy and stubble-free armpits this summer?

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Let’s get real about a topic that’s been lingering in the undercurrents of beauty for ages – underarm hair. It’s like that unwelcome guest at a party, right?

Well, it’s time to spill the tea on why we have it, how the shaving frenzy kicked off, and the ultimate secret to smoother-than-ever girl armpits with the help of Make My Shave's magical all girl razor.

Grab a cup of coffee or your favourite skin care cocktail – we’re diving deep!

The Background of Underarm Hair

First things first, why on earth do we have underarm hair?

Well, thank Mother Nature for this one. Underarm hair isn’t just there to test your patience; it’s got a purpose. Back in the day, when we were rocking caves and loincloths, underarm hair served as a natural defence mechanism, trapping pheromones and scent to attract potential mates.

Yup, it’s a primal thing! It was like our own little love potion.

Fast forward to today, and we've got some different ideas about what makes us feel fabulous about our body hair choices.

It's important to mention that body hair is completely normal and choosing to grow it, trim it, style it or smooth it is an individual choice. You should always do what feels right for you.

The Shaving Revolution

Now, let’s talk about the rise of the shaving empire. Back in ancient Egypt, smooth skin was all the rage.

It’s known that even Cleopatra herself was a fan of a hair-free existence.

Fast forward to the roaring '20s and another pivotal moment in hair removal when the sleeveless flapper dresses came into vogue, and with them, the demand for silky smooth underarms. Hello, razor revolution!

Shaving quickly became a cultural norm, associated with femininity and cleanliness. Magazines bombarded us with images of women with flawlessly smooth underarms, and the rest, they say, is history.

Underarm Hair Removal

Why Say Sayonara to Underarm Hair

In the world of body care, the decision to remove underarm hair is often driven by a desire for both physical comfort and a confidence boost.

Beyond the smooth aesthetic appeal, many women opt for underarm de–fuzzing to feel more comfortable, especially in warmer weather, as the absence of hair reduces friction and allows the skin to breathe. Ahhh.

A hair-free armpit also offers a smoother-than-smooth canvas for skin care products, ensuring that moisturisers and deodorants can be applied more effectively. Basically, our favourite skin care products are able to work their magic without any interference.

Hygiene benefits come into play as well, thanks to fewer hiding spots for unwanted bacteria, thus minimising body odour.

Plus, there’s no denying that many women get a real confidence boost from having smooth underarms, especially when rocking sleeveless styles or summer dresses.

Ultimately, the choice to remove underarm hair is a personal one, but the perks extend beyond mere aesthetics, offering a holistic approach to self-care and confidence.

How to Bid Farewell to Underarm Hair

Whether your armpit hair is friend or foe the burning question remains: what is the best way to remove my underarm hair?

There are various methods, from waxing and laser to depilatory creams, but let's talk about the real hair removal OG – shaving.

Here are 7 tips for smooth underarms:

1. Prep Those Pits For Perfection

The key to shaving underarms is to thoroughly wet the area. Opt for a warm shower; it's not just relaxing but ideal for softening those stubborn hairs and opening up those pores. Trust us, this sets the stage for a seamless and irritation-free hair removal experience.

2. Exfoliate With Care

Here's a pro tip for keeping those underarms silky smooth without the drama: steer clear of harsh exfoliating scrubs on your delicate underarm skin. They can be a bit too rough and might stir up some irritation. If you're all about that exfoliation game, opt for a gentler approach using a washcloth, mild scrub or soft loofah. In light, circular motions buff away dead skin cells and unclog pores.

Exfoliation is also a great way to reduce ingrown hairs, bumps, redness and skin irritation.

3. Don’t Miss Out On Soothing Shaving Cream

Achieving the smoothest underarms ever starts with the right products, and a quality shave gel or shave cushion is the ideal companion for shaving underarms.

These specially formulated products create a protective barrier, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly while minimising friction, especially if they include skin soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera.

The result? A closer, more comfortable shave with reduced chances of irritation. Yay. The rich texture of a quality shave gel or shave cushion hydrates the skin, creates a supportive barrier and ensures that every stroke is as smooth as can be.


Underarm Hair Removal

4. Best Lady Shaver For Underarms

If you're wondering about the best razors for underarms, Make My Shave razor is an underarm's favourite shaver because it features a rounded head with 5 VIP blades, which means less strokes and quicker results. Plus, there's a full lubrication cushion loaded with aloe vera and vitamin E, making this razor a true SHERO for protecting your skin. It makes underarm hair removal effortless and pain free while leaving your skin as smooth as a dolphin in the ocean.

5. Shave in the Right Direction

When it comes to shaving your armpits, the direction of your razor matters for a smooth and irritation-free experience.

To achieve the smoothest shaving results, it's recommended to go against the grain - in other words, shave against the direction of hair growth. This helps to ensure a closer shave and minimises the chances of pesky ingrown hairs.

But here's the real talk – everyone's hair dance is a bit different. Tune in to what works for you for flawlessly smooth underarms.

6. Stretch the Skin

As you embark on your underarm hair removal journey, consider this pro tip: Stretch the skin while shaving!

Employ your free hand to gently pull the skin taut. This not only provides a smoother surface for the razor to glide, but also minimises the risk of nicks and cuts.

By creating a taut canvas, you're ensuring that the razor captures every armpit hair, resulting in a closer shave.

This step is especially crucial in the underarm area, where contours can be more pronounced.

It's also important to take your time, let the razor do its thing, you’re worth it.

7. Don't Forget Aftercare

Now that you've conquered the smooth underarm game, let's talk aftercare, because your pits deserve some TLC.

After shaving, it's time to pamper your skin. Reach for a gentle, fragrance-free moisturiser and slather it on generously.

This not only helps to replenish lost moisture but also soothes the skin post-shave.

Opt for a moisturiser with ingredients like aloe vera or chamomile to provide extra comfort and reduce any potential irritation.

Treating your underarms to some well-deserved aftercare ensures they stay hydrated, soft, and irritation-free.

Hands up if you agree?


In summary, the decision to remove underarm hair is deeply personal and extends beyond aesthetics.

For flawless underarm results, the key lies in proper preparation, gentle exfoliation, and the use of quality shaving products. The Make My Shave razor emerges as an underarm favourite, featuring a rounded head with five blades and a nourishing lubrication cushion, ensuring a pain-free and effortlessly smooth experience.

Shaving in the right direction, stretching the skin for precision, and post-shave care with a soothing moisturiser round out the process.

The goal?
To pamper your pits with the attention they deserve, leaving you with underarms dolphin-smooth. So, whether you choose to embrace your natural underarm hair or opt for a groomed look, the power lies in doing what feels right for you.

Underarm Hair Removal

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