Looking for the secret recipe to super smooth skin?

Get ready to treat your skin to some serious TLC with our DIY Vanilla Body Scrub – because let's face it, you deserve that next-level pampering.

In this body scrub guide, we're not just giving you a skin-delicious recipe; we're sharing the scope on why a Vanilla Body Scrub is the game-changer your skin's been dreaming of.

So, let's whip up some creamy vanilla skin care magic!

Why Vanilla Body Scrub is Your Skin's New BFF:

Glow Getter:

Vanilla Body Scrub isn't just a treat for your senses; it's a glow booster. Packed with brown sugar, it exfoliates away dead cells, leaving your skin radiant and irresistibly smooth. Say hello to that lit-from-within glow you've been craving.

Moisture Magic:

We're bringing coconut oil to the mix because hydration is the name of the game. This DIY bod scrub locks in moisture, giving you that soft, supple feel. Dry skin? Not on our watch!

Vanilla Vibes:

Beyond the dreamy scent, vanilla plays the antioxidant card, fighting off free radicals and keeping your skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It's skincare with a side of sweet.

The DIY Vanilla Body Scrub Recipe:

Here’s everything you need to make your super scrub at home. And we’ve kept the recipe to three simple ingredients.


1 cup brown sugar
½ cup organic coconut oil (or your fave carrier oil)
1 tablespoon pure vanilla extract


1. Mix it Up:
In a bowl, combine brown sugar, melted coconut oil, and that heavenly vanilla extract. Stir until you've got a dreamy, fragrant blend.

2. Whip it Real Good:
Whip it like you mean it! This scrub should have a consistency that's just right – not too dry, not too oily. Adjust your sugar or oil if needed.

3. Seal the Deal:
Transfer your mix to an airtight jar. Pro tip: It's Instagram-worthy, so don't forget to give it a mini photoshoot before sealing, and of course, tag @makemyshave 😉


Vanilla Body Scrub


The Benefits of Using Vanilla Body Scrub Before Shaving:

Smooth Operator:

If you’re into flawlessly smooth legs, exfoliating before shaving ensures a silky canvas, with no bumps or uneven shave lines in sight.

Prevent Ingrowns:

Bid farewell to ingrown hairs! The scrub lifts away dead skin, nipping those annoying bumps and redness in the bud.

Closer Shave, Less Irritation:

Smooth, exfoliated skin is the secret to a closer shave with minimal drama. Your razor will thank you, and so will your skin.

Making Self-Care a Ritual:

Our DIY Vanilla Body Scrub isn't just about scrubbing away the day; it's about making self-care a ritual. Light a candle, play your favourite tunes in the bathroom, and let the vanilla-infused magic unfold. Consider it your at-home spa moment – because you're totally worth it.

What If DIY Isn't Your Jam?

Don’t worry we got you! The Body Buff Duo is a life-saver (and time-saver).

If the idea of an all-over exfoliation has you intrigued but DIY isn't your scene, meet our Body Buff Duo – your shortcut to a spa-worthy experience without lifting a finger.

We get it; life gets busy. That's where this little powerhouse comes in.

What's the Buzz About the Body Buff Duo?

Our Body Buff Duo isn't just a body exfoliator; it's a pampering session in a compact package.

The natural loofah is paired with a miniature soap, specially crafted with activated charcoal for that next-level skin cleansing. The soap is handmade in Australia using tea tress essential oil, coconut oil, activated charcoal and filtered rainwater from Queensland. 

body scrub Make My Shave


Why We Love It:

Effortless Exfoliation: No DIY mess, no fuss. The the Body Buff Duo gently buffs away dead skin cells and blemishes, leaving you with a silky-smooth finish. The fragrance is natural and fresh. 

Activated Charcoal Magic:

We've amped it up with activated charcoal in the soap because we believe in the power of deep cleansing. Say goodbye to impurities and hello to refreshed skin.

Compact and Convenient: Perfect for the busy babe on the go, our Body Buff Duo slips seamlessly into your routine. It's a spa day, minus the spa appointment.

How to Use:

  • Wet your skin in the shower or bath.
  • Grab the Body Buff Duo and gently massage the exfoliator in gentle circular motions.
  • Let the activated charcoal soap infused with the loofah to work its magic, cleansing your skin deeply and with love.
  • Rinse, pat dry, and revel in that post-spa glow.

Why Choose the Body Buff Duo?

Because your self-care deserves to be as easy as it is indulgent. Whether you're a busy boss babe or just prefer a ready-made treat, our Body Buff Duo is here to elevate your skincare game. 


What are the skin benefits of exfoliating?

Exfoliation is a skincare superhero, offering a range of benefits for your skin.

Beyond creating a smoother, brighter complexion by sloughing off dead skin cells, regular exfoliation plays a crucial role in addressing specific concerns.

For those battling cellulite, psoriasis, or eczema, gentle exfoliation provides relief by removing dry, flaky skin and stimulating blood flow.

It's a champion in the fight against ingrown hairs, preventing irritation by keeping follicles clear.

If body acne is a concern, exfoliation unclogs pores and reduces the buildup of oil and bacteria.

Additionally, this skincare ritual contributes to reducing redness in stretch marks, promoting even skin tone. The key is to choose the right exfoliant for your skin type, be gentle in application, and make it a consistent part of your routine.

Ultimately, exfoliation unveils your skin's natural radiance, helping you put your best glow forward.


Smooth Summary:

And there you have it, two natural options for fabulously smooth skin. Your very own Vanilla Body Scrub recipe for skin that's as sweet as you are or the Body Buff Duo, an easy on the go option if you like to just dive into the good stuff without fuss.

Either way, remember, self-love is the best love, and your skin deserves all the sweet attention it can get. Treat yourself, shine bright, and let the radiance of your skin tell the world your glowy story.

Find out more about Make My Shave.

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