If you’re wondering what’s the best women’s razor 2022, you’ve come to the right place. 

Removing unwanted body hair is always such a personal thing. I can only go a few days before the stubble on my legs really starts to irritate me, whereas other women embrace the natural look. Both preferences are equally valid and equally beautiful. 

Although there’s waxing, laser and other forms of body hair removal, shaving is often the number one way to remove body hair. It’s generally painless, quick and affordable. You don’t need to book an appointment or have to wait for your hair to grow back to a certain length before attending to it. You can shave your way when it suits you. 

Historically, women haven’t had the same abundant choice in razors as men. But, we’re pleased to share, there’s an increasing number of brands stepping up to give women a better way to shave. 

There are safety, reusable, electric and disposable razors, but the big question is: what’s the best women’s razor 2022?

Enter Make My Shave

If you’ve never been a fan of handling razor blades or using disposable razors, Make My Shave is the reusable razor that gives Aussie women something special. 

Make My Shave takes all the best bits from safety, disposable and reusable razors to give Aussie women a sustainable shaving subscription that’s unlike anything else. 

The sleek (or classy) handle as some ladies like to call it, makes a positive statement piece for the bathroom. It pretty much says — Hey, I have high standards when it comes to shaving. 


Best women's razor 2022


But this woman's razor doesn’t just look cool. It’s also the best women's shaver for sensitive skin. 

The pivoting head of a Make My Shave razor is so gently different — it’s definitely called a “Superlube” head for a reason.

Unlike other brands, the head has a full 360° aloe cushion that surrounds five Swiss designed blades. Because the cushioning is much larger than the traditional aloe strip, when you press the blade against your skin you get a super close shave yet you’re fully protected; getting a nick or cut is almost impossible. 


Best women's razor 2022


The combination of the weighted handle and the perks of the Superlube head also mean it’s great for shaving your bikini line and inner thighs. It sneaks into nooks and curves. In short, it corners like it's on rails. 

Plus… and this is almost the best part… 

Because you don’t even have to use shaving foam or a gel, it makes shaving much quicker and more enjoyable!

I never thought I would admit that shaving could actually be enjoyable, but don’t just take it from me. Here’s a sample of what the Make My Shave community are saying: 

“I'm obsessed with my razor and even shaving when I don't need to 😳

The handle, holder and blades are all classy, sleek, gentle and efficient. Not only extremely ethical, every team member I've dealt with has been lovely.

Total thumbs up from me, I'll be buying more packs for the women in my life as future gifts.” 


 Best women's razor 2022


But making the cut to be the best women’s razor 2022 takes more than just a first-class shave experience. 

Let’s talk about sustainability...

The concept for Make My Shave came from a burning desire to give women a razor that’s as convenient as disposable razors but genuinely plant-kind. You can read the full story here

This means that in order to be the best sustainable shaving subscription, a long list of requirements had to be ticked before going to market. 

One of those requirements is, of course, recycling used razor heads — and guess what, Make My Shave arrange it all for FREE. You don’t even have to worry about finding a recycling centre, they take care of it. 

The other focus is packaging... You know the big plastic cases razors are often housed in — they take ages to open and quite often you have about 5 cuts before you access the razor?

Well, Make My Shave packaging is the exact opposite of that! 

These razor’s are housed in packaging that’s specially designed with zero plastic, zero glue. It’s 100% recyclable, compostable and it’s even Australian made. 


 Best womens razor 2022


On top of their eco-packaging, there's also tree planting… For every delivery, a tree gets planted through their partnership with One Tree Planted. They don’t just restrict tree planting to your first order either. They plant a tree with every razor and refill that gets delivered to your door.


They also don't stuff their packaging with unnecessary flyers!

In short, if you’re searching for the best women’s razor 2022, Make My Shave is gorgeous, kind to skin and arguably the most sustainable shaving subscription for Aussie women!


Ready to get started? 

Check out the Starter Kit HERE

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