25 June 2022 — Make My Shave, the sustainable shave subscription designed for women’s bodies, announced today that it has been named Best Self-Care Brand and Best Self-Care Product in the Beauty Shortlist Eco Awards 2022.

Make My Shave was born out of a desire to bridge the gap between quality shave care and sustainable beauty.

“Like so many women, I love a quick, easy, and cost-effective shave. What I don’t love is the amount of plastic that goes into landfills from disposable razors.” Explains Make My Shave Co-Founder, Lindsay Grace Kinniburgh.

“This frustration, alongside a desire for a more glamorous, high-quality razor, inspired me to create a brand that approaches shaving differently. With the help of my incredible hubby Mike, we journeyed into the world of sustainable body care to redefine the standards when it comes to shaving.”

Following the announcement from the highly respected Beauty Shortlist Awards, known for showcasing excellence and honouring ethical brands, it’s clear that a more planet-positive alternative to disposable razors and a more convenient alternative to safety razors has been a long time coming.

“When we decided to challenge the female grooming industry, everything was new to us. But our planet matters and we don’t have long to make a difference, so we put our personal values and our desires together to pioneer change and create a product we are genuinely proud of.
Receiving not just one but two awards is an incredible step in our journey. We couldn't be more grateful to the awards team, and for the recognition that it’s time for single-use razors to be a thing of the past.”

Why Make My Shave is shaving the way to a better world:

Reduce — quality blades reduce the amount of waste because they don’t need to be replaced as often.

Reuse — the stylish razor handle is made of rust-resilient zinc alloy, and because there are no moving parts such as springs or clips, it’s ultra-durable and designed to last for years.

Recycle — to divert used razor heads from landfills, Make My Shave actively send customers a compostable mailer so they can return them for recycling — free of charge.

Plant — Make My Shave plant a tree with every order they ship. All trees are planted in Australia via their transparent partnership with One Tree Planted.

To continue its commitment to sustainable personal care, Make My Shave has invested heavily in innovative planet-kind packaging. Setting a new benchmark, the packaging for the razor handle and heads is 100% plastic-free and home-compostable. It’s made in Australia and designed for a reduced carbon footprint.

Lindsay Kinniburgh & Mike Flynn / hello@makemyshave.com.au

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About Make My Shave:
Make My Shave is the sustainable shaver designed for women's bodies. Focusing on the philosophy of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Plant, women across Australia can experience the highest calibre of shave while caring for the planet.


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June 24, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike