Fashion Journal Magazine, Australia
An expert’s guide to embracing the full bush

Many women prefer to remove pubic hair, either fully or in part, for a variety of reasons: to feel more feminine, enjoy better sex, feel happier about their body, boost self-confidence, and feel more attractive — and many women choose to remain au naturel for ALL the same reasons.

Pubic hair is normal and it’s not shameful. How you tend to your personal space is up to you.

If a full bush is for you, your pubic region doesn’t need much maintenance. Either way, good hygiene must be an essential part of your beauty regime.
Ensure you thoroughly wash the outside of your pubic area with a PH-balanced soap and water. You may want to add a conditioning pubic hair oil, but it’s not necessary.

If you do wish to include a little maintenance in your southern region, there are a few things worth noting. If you're shaving, make sure to use a quality razor (we recommend investing in a premium women’s shaver like Make My Shave), and always wet shave and soften the hair with a shaving lubricant.

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July 01, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike