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First Comes Love, Then Comes Business - Get It Magazine interviews Make My Shave Co-founders, Lindsay & Mike 

Turning a shower thought into a burgeoning business, Lindsay and Mike are taking a stand against disposable razors with Make My Shave, the women's razor subscription that's revolutionising female shave care. 

The concept for the Australian Shave Label came from frustration with the lack of sustainable and eco-friendly options in the shaving industry, particularly for women. 

Lindsay was tired of using disposable razors that quickly ended up in landfills and wanted to find a more sustainable and convenient shaving solution.

The couple began researching the issue and discovered a gap in the market for a sustainable and reusable alternative for women's shaving needs.

Thus, the concept of Make My Shave was born.

Lindsay and Mike set out to create a sustainable razor subscription service that would provide women with a high-quality shaving experience while also being eco-friendly.

They made sure their materials were long-lasting with recyclable packaging and ensured that every aspect of their product was designed to minimise their impact on the environment.

With Make My Shave, Lindsay and Mike aimed to create a solution that would make it easy and affordable for women to make sustainable choices in their daily routines.

Today, their innovative shaving subscription service is helping women across Australia to reduce their carbon footprint and look after their skin at the same time.

Get it Magazine sits down with the power couple to share the couple's story, and how to win in marriage and business.

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