Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if you're looking for the best Mothers Day gifts 2024, we've got you covered.

Our selection of unique Mother’s Day gifts for Mothers Day Aus 2024, includes a curated list of sustainable gifts ideas, fun experiences she will love, Australian gifts and product-focused presents that your mum will love you for!

Here are 17 of the best Mothers Day Gifts 2024:

1. A custom family portrait

If your mum is a visual person and someone who likes to be surrounded by family, a custom family portrait is a Mother's Day gift she can cherish for years to come.

Commissioning a local artist to capture special memories and create your one-of-a-kind family portrait is also a great way to support local Australian businesses.

Tip: Search Google for a local photographer. Make sure you view their reviews and check out their portfolio of work before booking.

2. A relaxing spa day

Who wouldn’t love a full day of head-to-toe pampering?

Spoil your mum with a spa day designed around her favourite treatments. From massages, facials, hot tubs and spas, you can plan a day that will leave her feeling blissed out and fully rejuvenated.

Not only will a spa day gift her time out from her day-to-day responsibilities, but it could also be a fun and relaxing way to bond with friends, sisters or mothers.

Tip: If you’re based in Sydney, check out TimeOut’s latest review of the best spas in Sydney.

Unusual Mother's Day Gift Ideas Australia

3. A wine and cheese tasting

For the wine-loving mumma, a wine and cheese tasting is much more than just a yummy gift.

Australia is overflowing with amazing wineries, many offering experimental tastings of their finest vintage.

If you want to make your day at the winery that little more special, you can even book a private tasting for mum — and you of course! 

Tip: If you’re based in Adelaide and looking for a sensory cheese and wine Masterclass, check out Tasting Australia’s list of upcoming events.

4. A self-care bundle

When it comes to unusual Mother's Day gifts for Mothers Day Aus 2024, there is nothing more unique than a Make My Shave gift set.

Personal grooming choices are ultimately up to the individual, but if your mum is someone who likes a premium beauty experience, this particular present will be extra special.

Australian brand Make My Shave has curated a luxury shave set that sets a new standard in the bathroom. This 3-step self-care set offers a fresh perspective on shaving, providing a more enjoyable, smoother, and self-care-focused experience.

Go ahead, make her Mother's Day! 

Tip: For Australia's best grooming kit for women, check out Make My Shave Self-care Bundle Box

womens razor subscription Australia

5. A gourmet cooking class

If your mum loves to cook, surprise her with a gourmet cooking class this Mother's Day.

Local cooking schools and restaurants across Australia offer a range of fun, exotic and creative cooking classes.

From Italian cuisine to Asian fusion, a cooking class can get her out of her comfort zone in the kitchen and experiment with new cuisines and homemade heavenly goodies.

Tip: For the best cooking classes in Australia, check out Australian Travellers 9 Cooking Classes.

6. A personalised jewellery piece

One of the best Mothers Day Gifts 2024, is a gift that’s both timeless and sentimental and there's nothing that ticks the boxes better than meaningful jewellery. 

Jewellery is not only a gift she can cherish forever but it's also a versatile option. You can pick from a range of precious materials and designs to find something unique to her. You can even arrange a piece customised with her birthstone or initials or choose a design that reflects her personality.

Tip: For a list of Australian Jewellery Brands, check out Refinery29’s 15 brands to bookmark & shop.

Unusual Mother's Day Gift Ideas Australia

7. A custom fragrance

When it comes to Mothers Day Gifts 2024, perfume is always a winner — but creating a one-of-a-kind fragrance for your mum gives it an extra personal touch.

For a fun and unusual Mother's Day Gift, work with a local perfumer to design her ‘Mother’s Day’ fragrance, or why not go to a workshop together and turn it into a day you'll both never forget?

This is a unique gift that she'll love to wear and will always remind her of you.

Tip: If you’re based in Melbourne and looking for an artisan fragrance boutique, check out Metascent Perfume Studio.

8. Sip and dance this Mother's Day 

You’re never too old to learn to dance! A Sip and Dance class is the ultimate girls night out—and an experience that will leave mum feeling empowered, confident and energised.

From Burlesque/Hip hop mix to Contemporary, Theatre and Classical dance, there are classes that cover all genres of dance.

Mother's Day Gifts 2024 Tip: If you’re based in the Gold Coast, check out Sip and Dance led by Christie Lee.

Unusual Mother's Day Gift Ideas Australia

9. A pottery class

A pottery class is a great way for your mum to get her hands dirty and unleash her creative side.

Many local studios offer classes for beginners. A lesson can also be an activity you enjoy together — or you can even arrange a private class.

Working with clay is considered to be a meditative and calming activity. It can provide a break from the stresses of daily life, so taking a pottery class can be an unusually relaxing way to spend a day.

Tip: If you’re based in Byron and on the lookout for a local Mothers Day Aus 2024 gift, you can make pottery in a studio by the sea from Byron School of Clay.

10. Aboriginal art class

If you’re looking for a gift that’s both creative and educational, an Aboriginal art class can be great for all the family.

Together, learn how to understand stories told through Aboriginal paintings and create your own souvenir of Australian art to take home.

Tip: Janbal Gallery offers a range of art workshops under the guidance of acclaimed Aboriginal artist, Brian “Binna” Swindley at Janbal Gallery.

11. A gourmet food hamper

Looking for an unusual Mother's Day gift that'll make her go "yum!"?

A food hamper can be one of the most truly delicious Mother’s Day gifts 2024!!

You can arrange for your mum to receive a hamper filled with all her favourite goodies. From delicious treats and snacks to exotic teas and artisan chocolates, a hamper is a feast for the senses. You can even create a special box just for her. 

Oh, and the best part? Mum won’t have to do any of the cooking!

Tip: If the Tasmanian gourmet scene makes you go ‘mmm’, check out Tasmanian Gourmet Gifts.

Unusual Mother's Day Gift Ideas Australia

12. Audiobook subscription

If the special lady in your life is an avid fan of audiobooks, then why not give your mum the gift of entertainment?

An audiobook subscription will give her access to thousands of audiobooks in every genre. This style of subscription is like a library at her fingertips.

Whether she's into romance, mystery, biography or self-help, she'll find something to love. And the best part? She can listen anytime, anywhere, from her daily commute to her nightly bubble bath.

Tip: If you want to give the gift of great listening, check out Audible gift vouchers.

13. A personal stylist session

If you're really looking to put a twist on Mothers Day Aus 2024, then why not arrange for her to receive a personal stylist session?

If your mum has always fantasised about refreshing her wardrobe, this is a gift that's unusual, personal and thoughtful. 

Many local stylists and stores throughout Australia offer consultations and shopping trips to help your mum find the perfect outfit. A style that makes her feel even more fabulous than she already is.

Tip: For a personal stylist with styling skills that can give your wardrobe a refresh or transform your look completely, check out the latest styling services by David Jones.

14. Hot air balloon ride

This year could be the year you give your mum an experience she'll never forget. If she's into heights and sights, a hot air balloon ride across some of Australia’s most iconic landscapes will get two thumbs up. 

From the serene vineyards of Hunter Valley to the spectacular views over Melbourne City, a hot air balloon trip is one of the most unique ways to see the beauty of Australia from above all while creating lasting memories.

Tip: If flying high is the type of jaw-dropping gift she'll love, Big Red Group’s Adrenaline provides a range of hot-air balloon trips across Australia.

Unusual Mother's Day Gift Ideas Australia

15. A gin distillery tour

If you're still on the lookout for some of the best Mothers Day Gifts 2024, then this sip could hit the spot. 

Why not treat mum to an exceptionally delicious GnT accompanied by a distillery tour and tasting from a dedicated gin distillery?

Tours usually include behind-the-scenes access to production processes, bottling setup, and of course, gin tasting…

Tip: Check out a few of our favourite local gin distilleries — Ink Gin, Granddad Jacks, Archie Rose.


Unusual Mother's Day Gift Ideas Australia

16. Soy candle

If she loves sustainable scents, a soy candle is a gift she can light up and enjoy for Mothers Day Aus 2024.

Look out for brands that use natural eco-soy wax, minimal packaging and sustainable materials.

Tip: Handmade in Melbourne, Velvety soy candles are 100% handmade by Velvety's owner and founder. Choose from a generous range of floral, fresh, sweet, and woody scents.

17. Shaving subscription

If you’re someone who prefers to skip traditional gifts and opt for a more unusual Mother's Day gift, then a shaving subscription will seriously make her day!

In addition to receiving a premium women's razor, a shaving subscription provides her with instant access to fresh and fabulous razor blades whenever she needs them. It's a gift that will elevate her beauty routine, offering convenience and saving her time, while ensuring she never has to shop for mundane razors again.

Tip: To give the gift of convenience and sustainable body care, check out Make My Shave women’s razor subscription.

Best women's razor subscription Australia

Final Thoughts

We hope our selection of the best Mother's Day gifts for Mother's Day Aus 2024 will inspire you to surprise and delight her this year.

Our gift guide is curated with sustainability in mind, featuring experiences and products that are both enjoyable and kind to the planet—something we know she will appreciate.

And remember, the best present might just be giving her a hug and telling her how much she means to you.

Go ahead, Make Her Mother’s Day.

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