Best Razor for Teenage Girls

Searching for the Best Razor for Teenage Girls?

Shaving can be a tricky business, especially when it comes to finding the right female razor. We're bringing you a selection of the best razors for teenage girls in Australia alongside tips on making your shave days more enjoyable.
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17 Unusual Mother's Day Gifts for Mums in Australia

Mother's Day is just around the corner. If you're looking for a unique gift, check out our curated list of 17 unusual Mother’s Day gifts for mums in Australia.
Green Friday Movement, Australia

Why Green Friday is the New Black

As consumerism battles against the planet’s resources, a new movement has arisen — Enter Green Friday. If you’re thinking of ditching Black Friday and going green, we've curated a list of helpful advice and eco-tips for conscious shoppers.
17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave

Girls First Shave: 17 Tips for a Smooth Experience

17 Shaving Tips for a Girls First Shave! Having an open and informed conversation about body hair and sustainable shaving will help your teenage daughter shave in a way that’s effortless, pain-free and planet-friendly.
Are plastic razors the new plastic straws?

Are plastic razors the new plastic straws?

Because grooming is part of our everyday beauty routine, when it comes to reducing our plastic footprint there's no easier place to start than in our bathroom. Here's why it's time to switch to a sustainable women’s razor.
whats the best pubic hair razor for women Australia

What’s the best pubic hair razor for women?

When it comes to hair, it’s easy to talk about the locks on our head, but how often do we find ourselves engaged in a conversation about shaving pubic hair?
We’re covering all the bases and giving great advice for shaving pubic hair as well as recommending the best pubic hair razor for women.