When it comes to hair, it’s easy to talk about the locks on our head, but how often do we find ourselves engaged in a conversation about grooming our armpits, leg hair, arm hair, toe hair or even shaving pubic hair?

The topic of shaving ‘down there’ can be a prickly subject. Not everyone feels comfortable talking about pubic hair grooming. And whether or not you choose to wear it or bare it, it doesn’t stop us from having questions like, is shaving pubic hair hygienic, should you shave pubic hair with or against the grain, what’s the best pubic hair razor for women?


 best pubic hair razor for women - Make My Shave


When it comes to shaving pubic hair, we’re covering all the bases and giving great advice for shaving pubic hair as well as recommending the best pubic hair razor for women.

But first, ever wondered how did shaving pubic hair start?


The history of shaving pubic hair starts with the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. The practice of removing female body hair began with women using sharp pumice stones, tweezers, and early forms of hair removal creams. 

Some women believed that smooth and hairless nether regions were more hygienic, others considered pubic hair uncivilised. In ancient Rome, pubic hair represented a symbol of status: the less you have, the fancier you were considered. 

Throughout the ages different cultures held different expectations, making the story of hair removal a complicated one. 

Fast forward to the 70s and the bush was back in a big way. Following the repressive 50s and 60s — a time of keeping the body covered — the free love revolution of the 70s saw a huge shift in the way we viewed body hair. During the flower power era, women considered “natural” as a way to represent autonomy over the female body.

Curious about the evolution of female public hair? check out this video from Glamour: 


Today, there are no set rules for Ladyscaping. Bush or no bush, how we tend to our personal space is a personal preference, and it can be tied to our feelings and emotions. 

Some women shave pubic hair, either fully or in part, for a variety of reasons: to have better sex, to feel cleaner, to feel happier about southern regions, to boost self-confidence, to feel more attractive.  

Some women let their pubic hair grow naturally for all the same reasons: to have better sex, to feel cleaner, to feel happier about southern regions, to boost self-confidence, to feel more attractive. 

No matter what your pubic hair preference is, choice is what’s really important. Doing what makes us comfortable is the best way to approach pubic hair. 

What’s the best pubic hair razor for women?

If you’re on a quest for a little pubic grooming and have chosen to shave over waxing, the question then becomes: what’s the best pubic hair razor for women?

Before diving into the literal jungle (pun intended), there are a few things to consider prior to grabbing the right razor and heading downstairs. 

The first step in pubic hair removal best practice is prepping. To avoid nicks, bumps, ingrown hairs and razor burn, here are a few things you can do to make shaving easier and pain-free:

#1 Trim

Shaving your pubic area is much easier when hair is shorter. Before getting in the shower, give your pubic hair a quick trim with a small pair of scissors or a trimmer. 

#2 Wet

A hot shower gives your skin and hair follicles time to warm up. It also opens your pores and softens the follicles. Thus, it’s best to wait until the end of your shower before starting your shave.  

#3 Exfoliate

An exfoliant will remove dead skin and help to prevent ingrown hairs. Use a sustainable loofah, washcloth, or exfoliating sponge with soap to gently exfoliate your skin. 

The purpose of exfoliation is to tease out ingrown hairs and allow the blades to get closer to your skin. 

#4 Lubricate 

Because your lady region is precious you should NEVER dry shave. Always use a gel, cream, shaving foam or even soap to soften the area. This will help the razor blade glide smoothly across your skin.


#5 Shave 

Choose your female razor wisely!

A high-quality women's razor can make all the difference. The best pubic hair razor for women is one with 5-blades and a 360-degree aloe cushion because both these features will give you a shave that’s close as well as safe. An ergonomic handle also helps with precision and reaching tricky areas.

You may also want to consider a razor that has a grippy handle. This helps avoid slips, nicks and accidents in your delicate areas. 

If you're looking to elevate your shaving experience, Make My Shave is one of the best pubic hair razors for women. Their women's razor includes all the important shave features such as 5-super sharp Swiss steel blades, a flexible razor head, full moisture cushion and a handle that will keep you safe while providing just the right amount of pressure for close, comfortable shave. 

Best pubic hair razor for women Australia

#6 Control 

A regular query is: which direction to shave pubic hair? Our personal jungles vary, but one of the best tips to avoid irritation is to gently pull the skin taut and shave pubic hair in the direction of the hair growth. There's no hurry, so take it slow and steady. 

#7 Rinse 

Don’t forget to rinse your razor head between strokes. Stuck hair or shaving cream buildup can prevent the blade from working well, so choose a female razor with an open back so that your blade remains sharp and effective. 

#8. Moisturise - don't miss this step! 

After shaving your pubic area, rinse away any excess cream, foam or soap with warm water. Pat the skin dry and moisturise with an unscented, alcohol-free moisturiser — those with aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E are great for additional skin hydration.


Best Women’s Razor Subscription: Make My Shave


Discovering the best razor for shaving pubic hair makes a big difference when it comes to body hair removal. This includes the experience during shaving as well as the after effect. 


Whether you shave once a day or once a month, a good razor is just as important as using a good moisturiser. 


But what makes the best pubic hair razor for women?

Make My Shave - is the award-winning women's razor subscription that's got thousands of women across Australia talking. 


If you’re into the hairless life, finding the right razor can make a remarkable difference to the quality of your shave. A disposable razor can feel rough and damaging to your skin while a weighted, premium blade, sustainable shaver can be the bathroom essential that completely changes the way you feel about shaving. Can you imagine shaving turning into a self-care habit that you love? 


Here’s why Make My Shave is the best pubic hair razor for women: 


Pivoting Razor Head

 If you’re shaving intimate areas, it’s far better to use a razor with a flexible razor head that pivots easily. The ability to move in different directions means that the blades can glide over knees and into hard-to-reach places including around the labia and booty.  


360-degree Moisture Cushion

Make My Shave has a 360 degree Vitamin E and Aloe Vera moisture cushion. This unique cushion allows the blades to glide easily, cutting hair without nicking the skin. It's also designed to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated.


5 Super Sharp Blades 

Multiple blades mean they won’t dull as fast as a single or double-blade razor. The premium Swiss steel cuts through hair effortlessly while the cushion creates a protective barrier, which is important for reaching into those curves. 

The additional coverage provided with multiple blades also means you get a much quicker shave and you’ll never miss an inch of hair again. Yay! 

Best pubic hair razor


Weighted Ergonomic Handle 

When you're shaving your delicate bits, you want a razor you can trust — because letting the shaver slip is not an option when you’re down there… 

Make My Shave has a handle that isn't just aesthetically pleasing. Their weighted razor handle is easy to hold and features a rubber grip that gives you extra confidence around those precious parts. 

It's also built of zinc-alloy meaning that your handle will last for years to come. 


Joining a women’s razor subscription is like joining Netflix - convenient, on-demand, user-friendly and a lifestyle essential. 

Make My Shave is the women's razor subscription that fuses with your lifestyle. With fresh razor blades arriving at your doorstep just when you need them it means you'll never have to worry about using dull blades - AND you'll never have again have to shop for new razors or blades. 

You can choose how often you want fresh razor blades delivered. Choose from every 1-month, 2-months or 3-months or why not ask the Make My Shave customer support team for a bespoke subscription? 


So Why "Netflix and Chill" when you can “Shave and Chill”?

Best pubic hair razor for women, Make My Shave


Sustainable Shaving 

Alongside providing a superior female razor and being a dedicated womens razor subscription, the other best part about Make My Shave is their commitment to sustainability. 

No other women's razor subscription plants trees in Australia, provides free Carbon Offset delivery, and provides a dedicated recycling service for used razor heads. 


Want to know more? 

Click HERE to find out more about why Make My Shave is the best pubic hair razor for women.


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