When it comes to good beauty, female shave care is often overlooked.

But did you know that a quality razor can make all the difference, not just to the smoothness of your skin, but to how you actually feel about the act of shaving!

Because let’s be honest, shaving has never been rated as one of the most fun things to do.

It can feel like a bit of a chore, and historically, women’s razors have never been that exciting. In fact, a huge percentage of women in Australia still use disposable razors as well as men’s razors.


In 2022, the big question is, why shouldn’t women have a high-quality razor that’s dedicated to the female body?

Thankfully, Make My Shave is making premium body care the norm for ladies who shave.

Best razor subscription box

With an aesthetically pleasing super-sharp razor and uncompromising sustainable philosophy, it’s no surprise that Make My Shave is Australia’s favourite women’s razor subscription.

Alongside making your skin feel its best, their beauty subscription box is packed full of eco goodness and made for total convenience.

To get your fabulously new shave regime underway, all you do is order the Starter Kit for $19.99 plus GST. The Make My Shave Starter Kit comes with two razor head refills, a metallic razor handle and one tree planted in Australia.

You can also add little extras like a metal razor holder and extra blades to your first kit.

(We highly recommend the razor holder — it’s literally life-changing!)

You customise your delivery schedule so that every month or so, new razor heads rock up to your door when you need them. This women's razor subscription is built around you, so you can take a break or change the delivery schedule from your personalised account. 

There are no lock-in contracts either, which is a major plus point. 

If luxury skin care without the ridiculous price tag sounds appealing, Make My Shave is the shave subscription for you.

The surprisingly low price is just one of the many reasons that make this Aussie shave label the best razor subscription for women.

The brand has already gained plenty of five-star shaving reviews from its many subscribers who rave about how soft their legs feel, the eco-packaging, and caring customer service.

"I used my razor for the first time today and I can honestly say I am BEYOND impressed with how close the shave was! The gel around the outside of the razor was so smooth and glided effortlessly over all the fiddly places that I would usually nick myself.

Absolutely thrilled that you are closing the loop with having razor blades that can be recycled too. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product. I will recommend you to all of my gal pals that’s for sure.” — Hollie, Verified Customer. 

Here’s a round-up of the best razor subscription pros:

  • Free shipping
  • Beautiful and sustainable razor for women 
  • Change, pause or cancel shipments wherever you want


Is a Razor Subscription Box Worth It?

In our experience, a razor subscription for women is much more cost-effective than buying individual female razors. In fact, when you take into account product quality, delivery and convenience, you can save a significant sum each month. (There's also no pink tax or green tax on Make My Shave products!) 
Plus, if you’re swapping out your disposable razor for a reusable one, you’re saving money and having a much kinder impact on the environment.


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Want to know more about Make My Shave?

Find out more about the razor subscription for women HERE. 

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