Looking for tips to shave your bikini line, reducing bumps and leaving you silky smooth down there?

Check out our 12 of the best shaving tips: 

  1. Find the best women’s razor for your skin
  2. Fresh razor heads work best
  3. Don’t forget the pre-shave prep
  4. Match shaving cream/gel to your skin type
  5. Shave in one direction
  6. Rinse your razor between strokes
  7. Close those pores!
  8. Use tea tree if needed
  9. Moisturise for baby-smooth skin
  10. Don’t forget sun protection!
  11. Clean and dry your women’s razor
  12. Choose a sustainable shaver 


If you’re someone who chooses to shave, then you’ll appreciate the feeling of silky smooth skin and a stubble-free bikini line. 

The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield talked about it recently on social — but we know she isn’t alone in experiencing shaving bumps down there…

The reality for the reality TV star — and everyone, really —  is that shaving your bikini line can cause natural irritation. 

No matter how fine, curly or coarse your pubic hair can be, irritation is pretty normal. But the good news is, if you’re wondering how to shave your bikini line smoothly and safely, we’ve curated 12 of the best shaving tips: 

1. Find the best razor for your bikini line

Say goodbye to settling for cheap disposable razors or borrowing men's blades – those days are well behind us!

Enter the era of elevated shaving experiences with a range of options tailored specifically for women. Meet Make My Shave, the fresh Australian body care brand injecting a touch of glamour into your shaving routine.

This female-first brand is revolutionising the game, ensuring your bikini line gets the VIP treatment it deserves.

To make sure your bikini line is left ultra smooth and bump free, this razor dives into the world of the moisturiastion. The razor's lubrication cushion comes loaded with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, giving extra protection and hydration on those sensitive areas we all love. 

For the handle, it's ergonomic providing ultimate control. Plus the non-slip rubber grip and flexi-head helps avoid little accidents, which is especiallyy important when shaving down there.


how to shave your bikini line


2. Fresh razor heads work best

Quality blades make a huge difference in the quest for a baby-smooth bikini line. 

5-blades give a close shave around your precious parts while a lubrication cushion can reduce the risk of nasty nicks and annoying irritation.

Because a dull blade tugs delicate skin and can cause inflammation around hair follicles — increasing the risk of razor bumps — it's best to ensure you always have fresh blades on hand. 

One of the best shaving tips is to join a women’s razor subscription.

Becoming part of a female shave club like Make My Shave means fresh razor blades are always on hand. They get delivered to your door on your shaving schedule making sure you never experience a dull razor ahead. 


3. Don’t forget the pre-shave prep!

When it comes to how to shave your bikini line in a way that’s gentle, smooth and safe, moist skin plays an essential role.  

When shaving in the shower or bathtub — or anywhere else! — make sure to wet your bikini area with warm water before getting started. 

Softening the outer layer of skin makes hair removal easier, with less drag and less chance of uncomfortable razor burn. 

When you're indulging in your shower routine, we always recommend leaving shaving your bikini line to last.

For an extra smooth shave, exfoliating lightly with a body scrub, washcloth or eco-friendly loofah is one of the best shave tips ever. 

Exfoliation teases out ingrown hairs and lets the blades reach your skin for an up-close, personal shave. 

How to Shave Your Bikini Line


4. Match shaving cream/gel to your skin type

With a Make My Shave Razor, extra shaving creams, oils and gels aren’t usually necessary.

shaving pubic hair razor

But, when it comes to shaving your bikini area, extra slickness can be super helpful, especially if you have sensitive skin or if it’s your first time shaving down there.

Look out for eco-friendly and natural shave creams, sustainable shave bars, and products specially designed for pubic hair. Fragrance-free shave options are also good for reducing irritation. 

Make sure you allow time for the soap cream or gel to soak in and soften your skin before shaving your bikini line. 

shaving your bikini line


5. Shave in one direction

To help prevent annoying ingrown hairs, avoid shaving in different directions.

Without adding too much pressure, downward blade strokes work best. 

With a superior 5-blade women’s razor, one pass is usually enough to remove the hairs easily. Gently stretching out the skin with the other hand makes a smoother surface for easier shaving. 

Avoid re-shaving over delicate areas.

With the right prep and care (and the right female razor!), your pubic area will experience less trauma and a more enjoyable shave. 

6. Rinse your razor between strokes

In between each stroke, rinse your razor to prevent clogged blades. Removing debris and hair build-up means a sharper, closer shave.  

7. Close those pores!

After shaving, rinse away leftover shaving foam or gel. 

Running cool water over the area will close the pores and prevent bacteria and dirt from getting under the skin. 

To prevent irritation and reduce friction, one sneaky tip is to hold a damp cold compress on the delicate area. 

8. Use tea tree if needed

No matter how careful you may be, small nicks can still happen.

Using a natural tea tree antiseptic spray or lotion can help relieve any stings and minimise the risk of infection.

9. Moisturise for baby-smooth skin

Moisturising after shaving is a shave-care must! 

Stick to unscented, alcohol-free moisturisers. Aloe vera, jojoba oil and vitamin E are great skin hydration that will leave your bikini area feeling as good as it looks.

10. Don’t forget sun protection

While it may be winter in Australia, it doesn’t mean you can forget to lather up on the SPF, especially if you’re heading to a warmer climate for a well-deserved beach break. 

Remember that freshly shaved skin is sensitive to sunburn and needs protection. Plan to shave 24 hours prior to sun exposure for safest results.


How to shave your bikini line - 12 Shaving Tips

11. Clean and dry your women’s razor

Rinsing the razor thoroughly with hot water after each shave will help protect the blades and prolong the life of your razor. 

The open-back design of a Make My Shave women’s razor head makes it super easy to clean. Their stainless steel razor holder is also a great way to keep your shaver (and Superlube head) out of water when not in use. 

12. Choose an eco razor 

Because a smooth shave shouldn't come at the expense of the planet, we recommend opting for a sustainable shaving solution that's as kind to your skin as it is to your wallet and the environment.

While safety razors are a fantastic eco-friendly choice, they may not be your go-to for tackling the delicate task of shaving your bikini line and pubic area due to the exposed blade.

If you're looking for an eco razor that's skin and planet kind, Make My Shave Razor provides the perfect balance between sustainability and convenience. Say goodbye to plastic razors and the potential discomfort of safety razors.

Make My Shave boasts a 5-blade flexi-head and an ergonomic razor handle, making it a breeze to navigate those tricky areas.

But here's the cherry on top of your eco-friendly shaving routine: Make My Shave is not just a razor; it's a commitment to sustainable living.

As Australia's #1 women's razor subscription that actively contributes to growing homes for Aussie wildlife, provides free carbon offset delivery, ensures fully sustainable packaging, and even offers a razor head recycling solution. 

Ready to embark on a sustainable and smooth journey to shave your bikini line? Make My Shave has got you and your smooth bikni line covered.


July 21, 2022 — Lindsay & Mike

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