How To Look After Your Make My Shave Razor

Let's dive into a topic that's not your usual conversation, but deserves your attention: razor care!

Sadly, we've all been there at some time - a rusty, blunt razor that turns your shaving routine into a nightmare. Nicks, cuts and irritating razor burn. Ouch! 

But did you know that proper razor care isn't just about keeping your shaver in good condition. 

It's a game-changer for your skin, supporting a healthier body care routine — and can save you money in the long run. 

In this article, we'll walk you through unboxing your shiny new Make My Shave razor, bring you razor care hacks to keep your female razor pristine and super sharp for longer.

We'll share essential techniques for cleaning and drying your razor, and explain why regular TLC is your body care BFF. 

Plus, we'll reveal how mastering razor care can transform your entire shaving experience into a stunning self-care ritual. So, sit back, relax, and become a beauty pro at razor care!

But first.

Why is Razor Care Important?

Proper razor care is essential for a longer-lasting, smoother shave.

Regular maintenance prevents rust and extends the life of your razor blades — longer lasting blades mean more cost savings and less waste.

When it comes to skin care, clean and cared-for shaver reduces the risk of skin irritation and razor bumps.

Maintaining your women's razor keeps it sharp for a closer shave and helps prevent nicks and cuts.

Basically, caring for your shaver is a win for your skin, your purse and the planet. 

How to care for your razor

From Unboxing to First Use: Get Ready for The Shave Of Your Life! 

Getting started on your shave experience couldn't be easier: 

Step 1: Attach the Razor Head

Clip a fresh razor head into your Make My Shave razor handle. Push the head into the handle until you hear a satisfying 'click.'

Step 2: Activate the Lubrication Cushion

Before you begin shaving, rinse the cartridge under warm water. This activates the lubrication cushion, enriched with the soothing essence of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

You'll notice that the cushion transforms into a gel-like texture, providing extra lather for a softer, smoother shave.

Step 3: Wet Your Skin

With your razor ready for action, wet your skin thoroughly. Dry shaving can be a serious player in causing redness and razor burn.

You can choose to shave with or without shaving cream or gel. For the comfiest, closest and smoothest shave, we highly recommend trying Make My Shave's Shave Cushion.

The beauty of this cushion isn't just the way it enhances your shave, but it add extra hydration and softness to your post-shave experience. 

Step 4: Shave with a Shave Cushion

To create a gentle, skin-soothing lather, rub the dampened shave bar directly onto the area you want to shave. Watch as the your Shave Cushion transforms into a creamy lather on your skin. 

The cushion is made with a host of skin soothing properties including eucalyptus essential oil, avocado and coconut oils. The combination is designed to reduce inflammation, moisturise, soothe and repair dry or damaged skin.

Step 5: Shaving Technique

Once your razor head is wet, and the lubrication is activated, pull your skin taut. Begin shaving using small, controlled strokes rather than long, dramatic ones.

Step 6: Easy Cleaning & Razor Maintenance

Thanks to the open-back design of your Make My Shave razor, cleaning is a breeze. Remember to rinse your razor head between strokes to prevent clogging and maintain sharp blades.

Finally, enjoy the shave of your life with Make My Shave! 


How to care for your razor


Essential Techniques for Cleaning Your Razor

To keep your female razor in optimal condition, rinse it thoroughly after each use to remove hair and any residue left from shaving gels or foams. 

Loosen stuck hairs or trapped debris by simply soaking your shaver in warm water. 

If you keep your shaver in the shower, keep it away from water flow. The Make My Shave Razor Holder is fabulous for keeping your razor in optimal condition and out of trouble when not in use.

The beauty of your handle is that it's rust resilient. Maintenance of your handle couldn't be easier. Give it a quick wipe with a dry towel and it will shine for you. 


Why Is Regular Cleaning Important?

Regular cleaning plays a critical role in razor care. Cleaning prevents the buildup of dead skin cells and hair under the blades. It reduces the risk of infection by eliminating bacteria, and ensures a more comfortable, smoother shave.

Moreover, regular cleaning helps maintain the performance and longevity of your razor while eliminating any unpleasant odours.

Proper Drying Methods to Preserve Blade Sharpness

To preserve the sharpness of your Make My Shave razor blades, shake off excess water after cleaning. Let your razor air dry on your razor holder to prevent damage.

If you don't have the holder, make sure to store your razor head facing upwards. Placing it face down on the surface may lead to faster dispensing of the moisturization gel.

Ensure the razor is completely dry before storing to prevent rust and extend its lifespan.

The Consequences of Improper Drying

Improper drying can lead to rust formation, dull blades, skin irritation, bacterial growth, and reduced effectiveness of your razor.

Rusty blades pose a risk of infection, while moisture buildup makes blades dull quickly.

Inadequate drying increases the chances of skin irritation and razor burn. 

How Often Should You Clean Your Razor?

Cleaning your razor regularly is essential for maintaining optimal hygiene. Aim to clean it after each use and inspect for any dirt or buildup. 

Razor Storage Solutions for Longevity

Proper storage is key to extending the lifespan of you razor. Keeping it in a dry, well-ventilated area helps prevent moisture buildup and potential rust. And remember, don't leave it under running water. 

Consider using a dedicated razor holder to maintain the sharpness and cleanliness of your razor.

Avoid storing it in damp areas, never leave it face down and keep your razor separate from other products to prevent contamination.

Introducing Our Handy Razor Holder

At Make My Shave, we believe in delivering not only a superior shaving experience but also innovative solutions for your daily routine. That's why we've designed our very own handy razor holder, a convenient and hygienic storage solution for your Make My Shave razor.

Our stylish steel holder serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it keeps your razor in pristine condition, ensuring it lasts longer and maintains its high-performance standards.

Secondly, its compact size allows it to fit perfectly in any bathroom space, and its sleek design complements the aesthetics of any shower.

How to care for your razor

What Happens if You Neglect Your Razor?

Neglecting your razor can lead to a host of issues. Regular maintenance prevents rust and keeps blades sharp, while cleaning after each use helps prevent bacterial growth. Neglect can result in skin irritation, ingrown hairs, nicks, cuts, and razor burn. Proper care extends the life of your razor, saving you money.


Taking care of your razor is essential for a smooth and comfortable shaving experience.

Regular cleaning and proper storage can help prolong the life of your female razor and ensure consistent, super-sharp performance.

Remember to clean your razor after every use to prevent build-up and maintain hygiene.

Proper drying methods, such as air-drying or using a razor holder, can also help preserve blade sharpness and prevent rusting.

Neglecting your razor can lead to dull blades, skin irritation, and even infections. So, make sure to follow our razor care tips to enhance your shaving experience and keep your skin happy, healthy and glowing.

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