New skincare trend of 2024 - shave care

The new skincare trend for 2024 revealed

The new skincare trend for 2024 reveals the era of shave care — a renewed approach to achieving flawlessly smooth skin and luxe self-care with the ultimate at-home body care routine.
Vanilla Body Scrub

A DIY Vanilla Body Scrub Recipe for Glowy, Smooth Skin

Looking for the secret recipe to super smooth skin? Get ready to treat your skin to some serious TLC with our DIY Vanilla Body Scrub – because you deserve that next-level pampering.
Everything Shower Routine

The Essentials For The Best Everything Shower Routine

The viral Everything Shower trend is the routine that's got people sharing their shower tips from across the globe. Here are our 6 tips for the best Everything Shower Routine EVER. 

May 20, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike