Nine Honey recently celebrated celebrities looking natural, including loveable Australian singer and TV presenter, Sophie Monk without makeup. 

But what about celebs who shave? 

Body hair is completely normal and there’s no shame in shaving, waxing, laser or letting your body hair go naturally. We love it all! 

Although body hair removal is a common practice among many women, shaving - even leg shaving - isn’t a topic that’s often discussed openly. But the question is, why don’t women talk about their body hair removal routines more often?

Societal expectations, cultural taboos, personal choice, and the body positivity movement are all factors that can contribute to the lack of discussion around personal shaving habits.

However, it’s important to remember that women should be free to make their own choices about their bodies, and those choices should be respected and accepted, regardless of whether you choose to shave or not.

Here are a few of our favourite celebrities who aren't afraid to pick up the razor and share their shave rituals. 


#1 Meghan Trainor - Celebrities who shave

Artist Meghan Trainor got everyone talking when she confidently revealed that her hubby “Shaved Everything” for her during her first pregnancy, and by everything, we mean EVERYTHING.

In an interview with PEOPLE, the singer openly shared that her husband stepped in to support her during her pregnancy by shaving her legs as well as shaving down there... She says that not only did it help her prepare for her C-section but it made her feel more groomed and ready to welcome their new arrival. 

In her interview, she said, "For the C-section, I don't know why, but I was like, 'I want a clear path. I want nothing in the way, so make sure it's gorgeous down there,' so they could see everything. And he did that for me."

Read the full article here

Shaving down there can be a controversial subject, but the bottom line is this — pregnant or not, hair removal is a personal preference and body hair grooming is the decision of the individual. So if you want to prep your bikini line for beach life or baby labour, it's your body, your rules. 

Shaving down there Meghan Trainor

Image credit: Popsugar

#2 Sophie Monk - Celebrities who shave

Flashback to the red carpet at the ARIA Awards 2019 when Sophie Monk revealed the secret behind her huge assets on the night - thanking breast tape and a quick shave before stepping into her glamours gown.

In a light-hearted behind-the-scenes shot, the stunning presenter, shared a raw video of her shaving her legs while her team prepared her for the star-studded event. 

"I should have shaved this morning, I forgot," she said. "I'll just do the front, they won't see the back."

 Celebrities who shave

#3 Celeste Barber - Celebrities who shave

Australia’s favourite comedian, Celeste Barber was propelled to fame for her amusing parodies of celebrity Instagram Photos.

Not only did the Netflix Wellmania star take to her Insta account mocking that Rihanna isn’t the only one who can make shaving look glamorous, but she also celebrated shaving in the launch campaign for her Bras n Things lingerie line.


Celebrities who shave

Celebrities who shave

Celeste Barber. Article by Hello Magazine.

#4 Abbie Chatfield - Celebrities who shave

Ex-Bachelor star, podcast host and FBOY Island presenter, Abbie Chatfield, shared a relatable Instagram post featuring a shaving rash in her bikini line during a boat party for Monday Swimwear. 

How to Shave Your Bikini Line

Tips for shaving your bikini line


#5 Drew Barrymore - Celebrities who shave

Even A-list celebrity and Hollywood heroine Drew Barrymore shaves her beautiful bits! In a recent Instagram post, Drew revealed she was excited that it was time for her hairy armpits to get a de-fuzz for the first time in three months.

In her hilariously honest account of her shave habits, Drew admitted: "You can not make this stuff up. I was so excited.
'I was finally shaving after three months,' she revealed with shaving cream around her underarms.

Drew Barrymore Shaving

Image credit: Daily Mail


#6 Tailor Swift - Celebrities who shave

Taylor Swift - The Eras Tour is headed to Australia in February and the race is on for tickets to her Melbourne and Sydney shows. 

The award-winning artist and worldwide celebrity appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show back in 2019 revealing that she keeps her gams perfectly glammed with a shower routine that includes shaving every day to ensure there's no stubble. 

#7 Madonna - Celebrities who shave

When it comes to shaving, Madonna - the queen of pop and MANY other things has never been one to shy away from setting the trends. Back in 1992, the material girl shaved her eyebrows for a fresh-faced look. 

Celebrities who shave

For everything you need to know about the shaving eyebrow trend, view our latest blog.


Why there’s no shame in shaving

Deciding to shave is a personal preference, but if you’re someone who likes the feeling of silky-smooth skin, then body hair removal can be a beautiful expression of self-care. Shaving can leave you feeling confident and empowered in your own skin. 

Just like there’s no shame in keeping your body hair natural, there is also no shame in shaving wherever and however you like. 

The act of taking the time to care for your body and focus on yourself can be an interesting form of meditation, allowing you to clear your mind and reduce stress. By taking care of your skin and keeping it smooth and hydrated, you are sending positive messages to yourself and your body. 

Shaving your legs can also be a form of self-expression. Some women choose to experiment with different styles or patterns in their leg hair, bikini lines or eyebrow shaving. 

By taking control of your own body hair and making your own choices about how to groom it, you are asserting your autonomy and demonstrating your self-confidence - so go forth and embrace your personal care routine your way. 


womens razor

Real women who shave. Image by Make My Shave. 


Do you embrace your grooming routine?

Shaving is also a simple act that can make you feel more comfortable and confident in social situations, particularly when wearing dresses, shorts, or skirts. 

Shaving can also be a super fun way to connect with other women and celebrate femininity. Why shouldn't you swap tips and tricks on how to achieve the smoothest, most comfortable shave with your besties?

Celebrating the diversity of women's bodies and challenging harmful stereotypes and societal expectations around body hair makes an important statement that says, we're proud to be who we are, and we're not afraid to break free from outdated beauty standards!

So if you are a fan of the traditional shaving experience, the next time you pick up your razor, take a moment to celebrate the act of shaving and all that it represents to you; this could be a celebration of self-care, self-expression, and female empowerment.

There's no right or wrong way to do it – just do what feels good to you and rock it!! 


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Is it time to celebrate shave care?

We think so. 


female razor, Make My Shave

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March 18, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike

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