In a recent article penned by Lori Fletcher on Motherly, Lori shares a personal story that resonates with many women who have experienced the absence of a crucial rite of passage—the shaving lesson.

Lori's narrative unfolds as a generational tale of missed traditions, highlighting the impact of overlooked rituals in the journey from mother to daughter. She recounts her teenage years when left to her own devices, the misadventures of her first shave with an old razor left her legs with cuts and red spots.

As Lori reflects on her early experiences, she acknowledges that certain motherly things, like shaving lessons for girls, were not on her mother's radar. 

Fast forward to Lori's role as a mother, and she finds herself caught in a similar cycle. The art of shaving, a seemingly straightforward act, became an overlooked tradition in her household.

With a sense of regret, she, too, missed out on an opportunity to guide her daughter through this feminine rite of passage by not offering shaving lessons and guiding her daughter on how to avoid unwanted nicks, cuts and shaving irritations. 

Online forums and Facebook Groups, such as Mamamia's You Beauty often receive questions about how to guide your daughter through the literal jungle of body hair removal, with women often posting anonymously for fear of judgement or scrutiny. 

Yet, the truth is, that the act of shaving and body hair removal for girls shouldn't be a taboo topic. If shaving is your personal choice then having a shave-positive and supportive attitude should be celebrated.

Shaving, a rite of passage for many women, becomes a beautiful opportunity for mothers to impart not only practical skills but also self-care and confidence to their daughters.

Not only do shaving lessons for girls create a great bonding opportunity, but it's also a wonderful way to have an open and frank discussion about body hair in general — including the key message that there's no shame in leaving your hair to grow naturally, just as there is no shame in shaving. 

If you're wondering where to start when it comes to giving shaving lessons for girls, don't worry, this article has you covered. 

Shaving Lessons for Girls

This shaving lessons for girls guide provides you with helpful, supportive advice. For additional support, you can also check out our additional article on 17 top tips for a girl's first shave.

1. The Body Hair Conversation

The body hair discussion is one of the most important self-care conversations you can have with your daughter. 

In a world where societal norms have historically dictated the standards of femininity, the body hair conversation emerges as a symbol of reclaiming ownership over one's body.

Deciding how to treat your body hair can be an act of self-expression and personal freedom. It's like saying, "Hey, I decide what's beautiful!"

Whether you're pro-hair, anti-hair, or somewhere in between, it's all about celebrating the unique beauty in every girl's choice.

2. Finding The Right Razor

When it comes to the topic of body hair removal for girls, there's a plethora of options. From waxing and laser to hair removal creams, and of course, shaving. 

If she decides that hair removal is the best option for her then shaving gives her the power to choose when, how and where she wants to remove body hair. 

Shaving is often more cost-effective than other options. It can be pain-free and highly effective with the right razor, and shaving from the comfort of her own home provides the opportunity for you to talk her through any techniques and be around if she has any questions. 

It's important to introduce your daughter to the world of shave care. This means quality razors for women, moisturising shaving support creams and gels, and nourishing aftercare products. In short, shave care is the new way to skincare.

Explain the importance of choosing products that suit her skin type, making the shaving experience not just a routine but a pampering session.

If you're looking for a razor designed to reduce shaving irritations like nicks and cuts, the Make My Shave Razor is one of the best razors for girls.

It features 5-blades, which means fewer passes on the skin and less chance of razor burn. The moisture cushion surrounds all blade areas — not just the top and bottom — and is loaded with soothing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E for a gentler glide. Plus the high-quality Swedish steel blades mean that her razor will stay sharper for longer. 

The Make My Shave Razor Handle is ergonomically designed with a rubber grip to prevent slips in delicate places. To make her shaving experience a little more glamorous, the reusable razor handle is designed with a sleek mirror finish and comes with a lifetime warranty, making it a more sustainable, eco-friendly shaving experience and the only shaver she'll ever need. 


best razor for girls

Find out more about Make My Shave - the Australian body care brand dedicated to female-first shave care. 

3. Prep and Pamper

Shaving isn't just about removing hair; it's a self-care ritual.

Introduce your daughter to the art of shave care by teaching her the importance of preparing the skin before the razor glides.

Encourage a warm shower to soften the hair and open up the pores. This not only ensures a smoother shave but also transforms the act into a relaxing, rejuvenating experience.

A gentle pre-shave exfoliation and adding shaving foam or using a soothing aloe Shave Cushion can make a world of difference to the results of her shave.

These skin-kind rituals can help protect her skin and boost her confidence during her first shave experience. 

4. Techniques for Silky Smooth Skin

Share the art of the perfect shave. Teach your daughter the significance of using gentle, controlled strokes.

Show her the benefits of shaving against the grain versus shaving towards the grain:

  • Shaving against the grain offers the benefit of an incredibly smooth finish, as it cuts the hair closer to the skin, resulting in a longer-lasting smoothness. This technique is time-efficient and often reduces razor drag, providing a smoother glide during the shaving process.
  • On the flip side, shaving towards the grain is favoured for its skin-friendly approach. It minimises irritation, lowers the risk of nicks and cuts, and is generally gentler on the skin.

If she's not sure which option is best, she can experiment to find a glide that's comfortable and leaves her feeling confident about the results of her shave. 

Guide her on navigating tricky spots like knees and ankles, and advise her that pulling the skin taught with her other hand while shaving, can help achieve a much smoother finish. 

You might like to talk about shaving standing up, sitting down or how to lean safely while in the shower or bath.  

This may or may not be the right time to talk to her about shaving her bikini line and pubic area. 

5. Cherished Mother-Daughter Bonding Time

Why not make shaving a bonding experience?

Turn shaving lessons for girls into a shared ritual where stories are exchanged and good advice is given. If you come across a good technique or new shave care product, share it with her. 

Talk about the benefits of sustainable shaving and the pros of using a reusable razor rather than plastic razors that end up in landfills.  

These moments become cherished memories, fostering a connection that strengthens the mother-daughter relationship.

Shaving Lessons for Girls - Final Thoughts

Shaving lessons for girls transcend the mere act of hair removal. They are an opportunity to connect, share stories, and celebrate the beauty in womanhood. To talk about her choices and pass down practical skills that you may wish you had known before your first shave.

For more shaving tips and support guides, visit our Earth & Body Blog. Order your Make My Shave Razor HERE.

January 15, 2024 — Lindsay & Mike

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