Face Razor for Women

Unveiling the Secret to Silky Smooth Skin: The Ultimate Guide to Using a Face Razor for Women

Tired of dealing with pesky facial hair including unwanted whiskers and untamed brows? Discover top shaving tips and the best face razor for women.
Shaving lessons for girls

The Forgotten Shaving Lessons For Girls

Don't skip shaving lessons for girls. Save your daughter from nicks and cuts by equipping her with the essential skills to achieve silky-smooth skin.
January 15, 2024 — Lindsay & Mike
Does shaving make hair grow back thicker?

Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Back Thicker? No, Here's The Inside Scoop...

Dispelling the Myth: Does Shaving Really Make Hair Grow Back Thicker? Contrary to popular belief, shaving does not alter the hair's texture, thickness, colour or rate of growth.
10 Reasons Why Make My Shave Is the Must-Have Razor of 2024

10 Reasons Why Make My Shave Is the Must-Have Razor of 2024

Make My Shave is the must-have razor of 2024. From skincare-inspired shave care to laser-level smoothness, this Australian body care brand is the new go-to in female body care.


Discover your new shave care routine >

December 20, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike
Best Razor for Girls

First-Time Shavers: Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Razor for Girls

Shaving for the first time can be exciting and overwhelming. It's difficult to know where to start, so we’ve created the ultimate guide to shaving and finding the best razor for girls.
May 25, 2023 — Lindsay & Mike